garage organization tips

Garage organization tips

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WEBvisit – In addition to ensuring safety by using a sturdy folding door for the garage, you also need to always pay attention to the tidiness of the garage. Making a garage always looks neat seems impossible. How not, the garage is usually always filled with furniture utensils that are not used.

However, too much stuff in a garage certainly makes the garage unsightly. In addition, when you are in need of equipment, you will find it hard to find piles of other items. Therefore, you need to listen to some tips for keeping the garage always neat and organized.

Items according to category

First, the grouping of goods is to think of storage solutions for goods that are still in use. Many ways can be done to turn a messy garage into a dream garage that is pleasing to the eye. One way is to use large shelves or cabinet drawers.

For easy searching of items, store items according to their groups in the same drawer. For example shoe racks, garden tool racks, or workshop equipment racks according to your belongings. This greatly saves storage space.

Get rid of items that are not used

By removing all items, you can also select any items that are not used. Do not rearrange or stack these items. Separate items that are not used and determine what you will do with them. If it’s still feasible, you can donate it, if not, then you can discard it.

Create overhead storage on the roof of the garage

You have sorted out all the items stored in the garage, some have been discarded and donated to others, but there are still a lot of items left over and need to be tidied up, while your garage is not large. What’s the solution?. A high garage ceiling can be used as an additional storage space for a narrow garage. It is impossible to store a lot of things on the floor because it will make it difficult for us to walk and park the vehicle in the car garage. The solution is to make overhead storage

Use a rack

Have you provided a shelf for storing things in the garage? The existence of a shelf is very important to maintain the tidiness of your garage. You can buy a large shelf and put various categories of items there or buy shelves according to the items stored. For example, buying three different shelves for shoes, garden tools, and tools.

Use all sides of the garage to the optimum, including the vertical wall side. A vertical shelf is one way to make it happen. Vertical shelves are very useful for a narrow garage, so you can still keep all your equipment neatly utilizing limited space.

Vertical shelves can be used to store cleaning equipment, gardening equipment, to cycling equipment. Generally, vertical shelves are made of iron so that they can bear the weight of things.

Pay attention to small items

Bolts, nuts, and nails are small items that almost certainly exist in every car garage. Unfortunately, many people pay less attention to how to store these small tools, most of them are only collected in one plastic bag and then placed in one corner of the car garage. In fact, this can make the garage look messy. The solution is really simple, you can use large-sized plaited woven. Besides being more presentable, the basket can also be an attractive decoration element.

With the tips above, you can keep your garage tidy. I hope this helps!