good bedroom ideas for small rooms

Good bedroom ideas for small rooms

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WEBvisit – A bedroom with a good arrangement will affect your mood during your activities. A bedroom must have a comfortable atmosphere and full of privacy so you can rest comfortably. During this time many people assume that a comfortable room is a large room because it can add a lot of furniture and decoration. In fact, a small bedroom can also be made comfortable if you know how to decorate a small bedroom.

How to organize your small bedroom to make it look spacious.

Choose bright colors

The use of bright colors can make the room look more spacious. How to decorate a narrow bedroom with bright colors is very easy. If you think using white for the whole room is normal, maybe you can add your favorite color.

However, try to remain in a balanced portion and not excessive. You can use bright colors like white, yellow, pink, or light blue on the walls, floors, some furniture, even for blankets or sheets. you can apply it through paint color.

Add a mirror to the wall

The use of mirrors can create illusions and small bedrooms look more spacious. This method is arguably very easy because many mirrors are sold on the market in various shapes and sizes that you can adjust to your needs, even sold online.

How to decorate a narrow bedroom using a mirror can be applied in various forms. Mirror with a large frame will be pretty hung above the bed and used as a headboard replacement. Make sure the mirror is hung properly so that it doesn’t fall easily.

Use Patterned Sheets Or Pillows

Not just changing the sheets once a week, but replacing them with new motifs is believed to make sleep more soundly. Choose motifs and colors that suit your taste. If necessary, buy a set with a bed cover and pillowcases and bolsters.

If changing the sheets is too much because you like the neutral color, calm down there are tips that are simpler and easier. Transfer these motifs to smaller products, namely pillows. Not only pattern, but you can also choose pillows with adorable shapes.

Install Wallpaper

If the price of the paint is expensive and you don’t have enough budget to buy all the colors you need. Use wall wallpaper to replace paint. It is better to install wallpaper independently because it saves more in cost savings.

Motifs on room wall wallpapers are also important to choose carefully. Building images on wallpaper can be a modern bedroom idea. You can read many tutorials to install wallpaper on the internet easily.

Floating Shelves

How to decorate a small bedroom with Floating Shelves certainly more efficient than ordinary shelves. Ordinary shelves will require more space at the bottom while Floating Shelves can be placed at the top of the wall and the bottom is filled with other furniture.

Some of the right points for laying these floating shelves are on the bed or on the study table. Today, floating shelves, also known as wall shelves, are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors so you can adjust them to your bedroom interior needs and style.

Match the Concept of Room Curtains and rugs

Choosing the right curtains for small bedrooms must be considered well. Use curtains by choosing a bright color, you have to hang it properly. By decorating this small bedroom, you can make a low ceiling look higher.

If necessary, you can choose a curtain with a vertical stripe motif so that the illusion created is more perfect. In addition, beautiful bedrooms can also be had by adding a rug. Adjust the size of the rug with the size of your bed before buying.

Decorative Creation

If you want to add some decoration on the wall or cupboard to beautify the room, it is better if used goods that are around you. If you need a picture for displaying photos, you can design it uniquely. Like using a small paper made like a picture frame, then from used cardboard or plywood that is colored and painted. Of course, it will be very interesting if the color matches the wall.

Ornament plants

Make sure the room is not stuffy, air circulation smoothly so as not to cause unpleasant odors. To prevent this, you can also add some fresh plants that can be placed indoors.

In addition to refreshing the air, the plant can also be used as a natural decoration. This is perhaps the easiest way to decorate a room, but the effect is most quickly seen because plants can reduce stress, calm the mind, and even improve sleep quality.

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