contemporary living room ideas

Contemporary Living Room Ideas

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WEBvisit – Simple-style living room design is not always synonymous with minimalist style because there are variations of special contemporary living room designs. Contemporary style is often considered the same as a minimalist style. In fact, the two living room styles are actually different because the design of contemporary living rooms has more flexible characteristics in conventional design rules.

If you want a simple living room design that does not seem mediocre, contemporary living room style can be the right choice. Some of the following characteristics of the contemporary living room style will make your home more comfortable. Then, how to design a contemporary living room like a pro?

Natural Lighting

Contemporary living room design is synonymous with maximum natural lighting. Therefore, the use of glass as an inter-room divider is very dominant in contemporary living rooms. Houses with contemporary living rooms also often use large windows and skylights so that the atmosphere is always bright from morning to evening. In addition to making the living room seem more comfortable, the characteristics of contemporary living room design are also effective for saving electricity usage.

Use of Neutral Color

Neutral colors like white, gray, and black are synonymous with the contemporary living room. The use of these colors can also give the impression of a wider room. In addition, neutral colors in the contemporary style living room are often combined with contrasting colors such as red or blue to accentuate the artistic impression so that the style of the contemporary living room does not seem monotonous.

Natural Material

For material selection, contemporary living room designs often rely on natural materials such as real wood, recycled wood, natural stones, and iron. The choice of material is often used without a finishing process so that its natural impression is more prominent. So, you have to choose quality materials if you want to carry a contemporary living room style so that the material is durable even though it does not go through the finishing process.

Selecting Minimalist Furniture

To complement the contemporary interior living room, you must choose furniture with the right style. One of the best choices is minimalist furniture that seems light and simple. The combination of a contemporary living room and furniture that is designed properly will produce a comfortable atmosphere that is not outdated. Do not hesitate to choose minimalist furniture that is not through the finishing process so that the natural impression is increasingly obtained.

Small Room Arrangement

The concept of contemporary living room design can be realized easily in a small house by reducing the number of barriers. Because the partition made of walls or other permanent materials will create a narrow impression. It would be better if you combine several rooms so that the feel of the living room is more simple and looks spacious. The selection of harmonious living room colors in each room will reduce the impression of cramped and increase harmony.

Floor Installation

Plain patterned floors are also synonymous with the contemporary living room style. You can choose the floor material freely according to taste and needs, ranging from wood, porcelain, to ceramics. Usually, the contemporary living room lets the plain floor without any base. However, some are combining it with the patterned rug as a marker of boundaries between rooms. If you want to add a patterned rug, you must ensure that the color of the floor and the color of the rung will look harmonious and make the contemporary living room of your home more comfortable.

Fusion of Elements

One of the hallmarks of contemporary living room design that stands out is the straight-line element to complement the feel of the living room. The straight line is usually seen in the painting, the shape of the banister, and the shape of the furniture used. Ornaments with straight lines don’t seem boring and still look attractive even though the living room trend is always changing.

Addition of Geometrically Shaped Elements

Contemporary living room style does not always make your home interior seem stiff. As an alternative, you can also add geometric elements, such as a round table so that the interior of the house has a dynamic atmosphere. If you combine the elements of the room appropriately, you will get a unique contemporary living room style that suits your taste.

Application of Technology

If you have an excessive budget, there’s no harm in applying a variety of advanced technology to enhance the feel of a contemporary living room in your home. The neat installation of electronic devices, automatic light panels, and air conditioners installed with a closed concept certainly makes your living room seem neater and futuristic.

So, what are you waiting for? With the various design references above, you will definitely be able to perfect your residential feel with a contemporary

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