amazing decoration ideas for small bedroom

Amazing Decoration Ideas for Small Bedroom

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WEBvisit – The bedroom is not just a place to rest and sleep. In this room, a person can contemplate, take the time to be silent for a moment, and unite the mind to look for possible directions or the next action tomorrow. This needs to be done so that you sleep better so that the mind is not disturbed due to problems or unfinished work. Sleep quality should not be underestimated because it is closely related to psychological conditions when facing challenges in the daily routine of life.

However, can all that be done in a narrow bedroom? Of course, I can. Limited situations should not be a barrier to creating quality rest and nourishing the soul. We will give an example through some of the following narrow bedroom decorating ideas.

Natural light for bedroom decor

A cramped and tight atmosphere in a bedroom can be overcome by letting as much light as possible into the room. In аddіtіоn, a lооѕе vіеw оf thе раnоrаmа оutѕіdе thе wіndоw саn сrеаtе a brоаd impression, bоth in thе bedroom аnd іn our minds.

Color Continuity

Having a small bedroom does not mean that visual aesthetics are simply ignored. Choosing sheets and pillowcases that match the color of the walls can make the bedroom look more beautiful and tempting to sleep for long. It can also be added wall hangings such as wallpaper or wall stickers with simple motifs, not too detailed, and even better if it matches the color of the walls and other furniture in the bedroom.

Avoid large beds

If the bedroom is narrow, then it is better to choose a bed without the head of the bed or the foot of the bed. Although it seems trivial, the old teak footboard can create a visually crowded impression. Especially if the head and foot of the bed are complicated and too much detail. Wall cabinets with sliding doors are also a practical solution to overcome the problem of limited space in a narrow bedroom. Consider replacing old beds with minimalist beds.

Add decoration with wall shelves

Sticky wall shelves can no doubt be reliable in saving space while beautifying it. Books, decorative objects, or picture frames can be placed on it. If you have free time, you can also make your own sticky wall shelves in the following ways:

put the bed in the corner

laying the bed to the corner of the room can also provide a different atmosphere in the narrow bedroom. In this way, there will be an empty space between the bed and the door so the room will seem more spacious. In addition, the bed attached to the corner will give the impression of comfort and safety while sleeping. Also, add trinkets such as rugs or wallpapers with the same color shades.

decoration with bright colors

Bright colors like white, light pink and other pastel colors are the most suitable colors for narrow bedrooms. Thanks to bright colors, the bedroom will feel brighter so that a broad impression will follow. In addition to choosing the right bedroom wall paint, the color selection of bedspreads, beds, curtains, and other trinkets such as wall hangings also need attention. If you do not like the color white, you can choose other colors that tend to be young.

The bed is the main focus

Change it to make the bed the main focus. Able to put a large patterned wallpaper right at the head of the bed, or replace the sheets and bed covers with contrasting colors that collide with each other. Changing bed linen is the most economical way because the price is very affordable.

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