10 small living room color ideas

10 Small living room color Ideas

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Change the paint color of the narrow living room at home, so that it feels more spacious, comfortable, and special

WEBvisit – Choosing the right living room color makes the room feel spacious. And keep in mind, avoid using dark colors because it can absorb light. The color of paint has an important role as a means to strengthen and get a certain impression.

In addition to being able to give a new display, paint is also able to change the atmosphere of space and influence the psychological of its inhabitants. So, even if it’s just changing the color of the paint, there are many benefits that can be obtained.

Small living room colors: White

Like the color white? You can use this color choice as the color of your living room at home. Besides being easily combined with other colors, white always succeeds in giving the impression of being clean, spacious and roomy to go into the room. Rooms that have white walls will also look brighter, more spacious, and seem clean, bright, comfortable, and quiet.

Small living room colors: Navy blue

Navy blue is a sea blue color which is a dark track consignment which gives an extraordinary effect on the narrow space in the house. You can combine this color with white or other colors. Applying thе right соlоr of раіnt wіth navy bluе саn make the nаrrоw lіvіng rооm fееl more ѕрасіоuѕ. Coupled with a choice of furniture and neutral-colored decorations, able to show a room that looks spacious and not excessive.

Small living room colors: Tosca

Wаnt to gіvе a wаrm аnd calm іmрrеѕѕіоn for guests? Looks like turquoise blue can be the right choice. To enhance your living room, you can combine turquoise with white. The use of these two colors aims to create visual separation and provide broad illusions in narrow spaces. Thе nаrrоw living rооm wіll feel more ѕресіаl wіth a соmbіnаtіоn оf these two colors.

Small living room colors: Red

The bright red color gives the impression of full energy. In contrast, you can combine the use of red by placing some white furniture. This can serve as an accent or a maximum addition of a combined color.

The red color is also able to make the ceiling look higher and roomy impression into a narrow room.

Small living room colors: Beige

The right way to conjure a narrow living room is to present a sensation of space and warmness with the use of beige. Beige combined with wooden walls or wood-textured decoration will make the room feel spacious, comfortable, and warm.

Small living room colors: Gray

Want to create a classic or modern impression into the living room? The selection of gray paint will give the impression of classic and modern into every room. And as a compliment, add brightly colored accessories and decorations. Thus the narrow living room will actually look wider.

Small living room colors: Lemon

Lemon is a bright color that will give birth to a comfortable and carefree atmosphere. This color choice is able to give the impression of space. You can create it by adding photos to the walls or colorful flowers as decorative accents.

Small living room colors: Red Wine

Red wine or maroon slightly impressed dark. However, despite this color is one of the best choices of how to make a narrow room look wider. You can combine this color with gray color so that it can create a broad and elegant impression. Do not forget the addition of paintings, curtains, and or a muted-colored sofa that can also give the impression of elegance in the narrow living room of your home.

Small living room colors: Yellow

In addition to white, yellow is a color that is able to reflect sunlight. Because of its ability to reflect light, even small spaces can be seen to be broad. The walls are given a yellow color combined with white furniture, will add dimension in a small room.

Small living room colors: Pastel

The color of this one is almost certain to always succeed in attracting attention and give a broad impression in a narrow room. There are many pastel colors that you can choose for a narrow living room. Pastel colors give birth to fun, not easily bored, and even can relieve stress.

Now that’s 10 choices of paint colors for a narrow living room in your home. Which color of living room paint do you use in your home?

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