best dorm room ideas that will transform your room

Best Dorm Room Ideas That Will Transform Your Room

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WEBvisit – Dorm rooms which have constrained area make you have to think extra creatively in designing it. Especially if you have a roommate, you have to think about how you sleep, study or relax in your room.

The idea of Dorm room design at this time is not just limited to posters, chairs, and bookshelves. But for college students who are quite insightful and generation savvy, they need a room layout that can reflect their character.

Here are ideas for rearranging your dorm room:

1). Make use of the room ceiling

Dorm rooms usually have high ceilings. Thus, you can take advantage of the high space to put a higher bed, so you will have extra space under the bed that can be used as a lounge or workspace. Don’t forget you also need to add a small storage area at the top close to your bed, which can function as a table and also a drawer to make it easier for you when placing your handphone.

2). Utilizing each gap as a storage area

Most dorm rooms also have space that is not too big, just enough with one bed and a little space for storage. You can modify it by utilizing a gap under the bed, so you will get extra storage space. You might also consider replacing your old cabinet with a drawer on wheels that you can place under the bed. This in addition to making your dorm room more spacious will also look more presentable and organized. And with a little extra fabric to cover the gap under the bed, you can make your drawers hidden.

3). Change your room layout every few months

On the eve of or after the holidays you may be accustomed to cleaning your room and arranging it back to normal, you should try to set it back differently from the original so you get a fresh impression. You can move your bed for example near the window and move your cupboard and table to the opposite side to get a comfortable position for you to stay there. And don’t forget you can add a mirror to give a wider room effect and removable decoration in your room.

4). Use Multi-Functional Furniture

With the limited space available, you are advised to use multi-function furniture as a solution. A small table you can replace with a pouf that can be a table or chair at once. Similarly, you can also use the top of your closet as a storage area for efficient space in your room.

5). Coordinate with your roommate

In designing a dorm room, of course, you have to coordinate with your roommate, not to have a clash because the arrangement is not appropriate.

For example, a neutral room color selection can be an option for those of you who have roommates. In addition, the use of furniture together is a wise choice considering that the rooms are not too large.

With these tips, of course, you have to rethink how to arrange the whole to make the room more comfortable, especially if used for two.

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