vintage kitchen design

Vintage kitchen design

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Explore the style of vintage interior design in the kitchen space. Vintage kitchen design with a unique and attractive appearance.

WEBvisit – At present, in the era of the development of information technology that is moving increasingly rapidly, also changing the preferences or tastes of everyone. However, despite having given birth to many models and design styles, not a few who still like and maintain their “old” tastes. Call it a vintage style. The design style of this one still occupies the top position in the hearts of some people, no matter the age has gone far.

Vintage is a style that originated from 1910 to 1990 and has its own fans to this day.

Having a residence that is designed according to your wishes and tastes will certainly be very pleasant. For those of you who like the vintage style, of course, this can also be applied to the interior design of the house. In addition to the living room, family room to bedroom, kitchen space can also be conjured up by using a vintage interior design style.

One of the most interesting things about vintage kitchen design, this style is claimed to be budget-saving. Bесаuѕе, уоu dо not need еlеmеntѕ and design еlеmеntѕ, аѕ wеll аѕ furnіturе that is tоо expensive. Whеrе uѕuаllу, kitchen space is оnе оf the ѕрасеѕ with thе bіggеѕt proportion оf dесоrаtіng budgеt.

Fоr furnіturе, you саn lооk for іt аt ѕесоnd-hаnd mаrkеtѕ or аntіԛuе оr flеа mаrkеtѕ tо gеt іt. Don’t worry, even if it is used, you can modify and create it into one of the elements and design elements that are very unique and interesting. Or even you can also be creative by recycling items that are not used.

If you are interested in exploring kitchen space using a vintage style, you can try the look of a 1920s vintage kitchen. Looking back at the vintage kitchen design style of the 1920s this could actually not be a very old school as in your shadow. Some of the views of the following vintage kitchens could be the most perfect option to get kitchen design ideas that are a bit chic, unique and of course look very attractive.

Curious as to what? Check out the following brief explanation:

Colorful Vintage English Kitchen

As the name implies, the kitchen Colorful English Farmhouse is a type of vintage kitchen that appears with bright colors. Using a variety of classic furniture and bright color choices, making this kitchen look old school but looks very comfortable. The key to this one design is the use of bright colors as the main color scheme in the kitchen.

The use of kitchen island is also suitable for Vintage Colorful English Farmhouse kitchens. Place the pendant lights above the kitchen island to give the charm of a vintage kitchen.

Vintage Historic Kitchen

Unlike before, this type of kitchen has a more dominant color in white. The basic white color makes the Historic Kitchen feel free and airy. The appeal of this type of vintage kitchen is the window with black steel material, to the thick iron spindle that coats. The use of wood floors is also a major characteristic of this vintage kitchen in the 20s.

Vintage Kitchen Remodel

For this one kitchen design is a vintage design that comes with a touch of tile tiles on the typical wall. The use of furniture also uses colored wood elements that show vintage. Equipped with a touch of pretty faded colors that are pretty.

Vintage Historic Beach House Kitchen

This one kitchen comes with maximizing various striking colors that meet vintage kitchen space. Although carrying a vintage concept, this one style looks modern. But you can still feel the classic feel of the Historic Beach House kitchen.

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