how to use wall finishes in a bedroom design project

How To Use Wall Finishes In A Bedroom Design Project

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WEBvisit – Dear friends, each interior space consists of several major architectural elements such as walls, floors and ceilings. Depending on the type of structural framework, the method of construction will change.

We always see experience and feel any interior space at height. This means that the wall is the first thing in every structure that creates an impact on our minds. Quality and volume are formed because the walls determine the architectural structure.

When we enter a building, what we primarily and dominantly feel is the wall. Let’s see how walls can be used as excellent elements in bedroom design projects.

1) Exposed Brick Wall.

To use this type of wall, you need to plan an interior design schedule. Usually if a brick wall has to remain open (without plaster), it is built with high-quality bricks that are cut by machine for high quality and accuracy.
Because bricks have their own color and texture, this option can be used to make a color contrast by keeping only one wall open and the other with a contrasting color. This can add interest to the bedroom.

2) Open plaster walls.

An open plaster wall is an unpainted wall.
This type of wall is very rarely used in the interior. Because plaster is a composite material that uses the appropriate quality of cement, sand, and aggregate, the final material has a dull color. Dull colors in a room such as a bedroom will express a kind of depression, therefore not recommended.

But the part of the wall with the planned design and sketch can be used together with an open brick wall. Design patterns with patches that are partially colored and partly exposed can be a good idea.

Or plaster walls that are completely exposed to the patter of grooves in the design can be used effectively.

3) Walls with tile coatings.

Tile cladding is what we see in the kitchen above the cooking platform. Tile coatings are also used in bathrooms and toilets. These are usually ceramic tiles.

In the bedroom, interesting patterns can be made to fake the exposed brick walls mentioned above. Many excellent patters can be used like puzzles.

4) Paint on the wall.

The word painting has two meanings here.

  • Wall with the color of the field applied to it. This is done on a plastered wall surface. Two or three layers of the desired color of color and base material are applied.
  • Second, instead of using field colors, the entire wall can be used as a “canvas” to paint a story or mural. This is a very good method for painting children’s bedrooms. Walls can be used as storyboards to create interest.

5) Wallpaper.

Applying wallpaper is the best way to change the look and feel of a room quickly. Depending on the “theme” of the room many wallpaper patterns are available.

Very nice wallpaper in a large bedroom. In the large bedroom “emptiness” is a big problem. If there are not enough decoration elements available, the room may look empty. Here the wallpaper can function as a filler and quickly add interest to the room.

6) Textured plaster walls.

This type of wall requires special techniques to create textured patterns on the wall. After the texture is applied, the color of the paint can be used.

One of the great things about these walls is that, when sunlight falls on them, a very interesting game of light and shadow will be created. Because it is bumpy on the surface of the plaster, small shadows form on the surface of the wall, providing visual quality.

Walls in the bedroom that receive direct sunlight must be chosen for this purpose.

This article shows you how various options for finishing an existing wall are possible, which can improve the quality of the bedroom interior space.

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