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Rustic Elegant Wedding

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WEBVISIT – The wedding day is a big day for everyone. No wonder, if you want to realize a rustic wedding theme or are looking for a wedding idea, maybe a rustic wedding theme can be an option.

Rustic themed wedding parties are increasingly popular in many countries. Especially if you want a relaxed, natural but romantic wedding atmosphere, certainly rustic wedding decorations are perfect. The rustic theme is also considered cost-effective because it emphasizes more on creativity.

However, what exactly does a rustic wedding mean? To make you more confident in choosing a rustic theme for a wedding, this article will discuss the full review of a rustic wedding.

Rustic Definition

Rustic is defined as rusty, rough, to the rustic impression. While in the arrangement and decoration, the rustic style emphasizes the impression of what it is or natural.

The rustic style is often used by rural communities. This can be seen from building houses that use coarse-textured and contrasted rocks. This style of wedding decoration also inspires party choices for Hollywood artists.

Although interpreted rusty and memorable rural, rustic style that is now a trend far from the impression of old let alone ancient. As a design or decoration style application, rustic can be processed with a modern touch and can even be combined with minimalist and vintage designs.

Choosing a rustic style for a wedding depends on your creativity and desires. However, avoid overdoing it because rustic emphasizes something natural and simple.

Characteristics of Rustic Wedding

Are you planning to hold a rustic wedding party? In order not to deviate from the concept, recognize the following characteristics of a rustic wedding.

1) Natural color

The colors that are often used in rustic themed weddings are natural colors such as brown, gray, and white. Although pale, natural colors can be combined with inconspicuous pastel colors. For example, a brown guest chair combined with a contrasting ribbon. This natural decoration will give you a warm and calm impression.

2) Unfinished style

Rustic style is related to the design as it is, without finishing process. Therefore, wearing furniture that seems unfinished or choosing a wedding venue that has floors and walls that have not been completed, adds to the rustic impression of your wedding.

3) The combination of wood and stone

Related to the rural concept, rustic theme decorations often use wood and stone materials. For wood material, usually used wood that looks worn or unpainted wood. The color of wood does not have to always be brown so you can combine it with white wood.

4) Handmade and vintage material

Rustic wedding decorations actually test your creativity. In addition to beautifying decor details with used or vintage items, you can make decorations from handmade items. For example, using a used bottle combined with jute cloth for a flower vase on the table.

5) Wildflowers and pendants

Rustic decoration is incomplete without lights lined up and beautifying your wedding. The flowers chosen in rustic decoration are also different from the flowers used in other wedding themes. Usually, the rustic theme uses wild flowers, such as wild rose, hortensia, and so on.


There are many creative ways you can do without spending a lot of money to realize a rustic wedding. To help you have a rustic-themed dream wedding, here are 8 captivating rustic wedding inspirations.

1) Rustic wedding backdrop

A wedding will reflect the theme of your marriage. In a rustic style wedding, usually the aisle is made with a simple background or backdrop and accentuates wood material. For example wood elements combined with neutral colored fabrics so that it looks smooth and elegant without too much.

2) Add flower decoration

There is always a place to place various flower arrangements at rustic themed weddings. A variety of vases and wild flowers deliberately placed on the stairs will add to the impression of natural and simple, but still beautiful.

3) Dessert bar is dominated by wood

Dessert bar is an amazing idea to pamper invited guests. Even more unique if your wedding party dessert bar table is made of unfinished wooden tables. Wooden plates, nameplate, and rustic-themed cutlery will make your dessert bar look very attractive.

4) Hanging lanterns

Often the lanterns are placed on the table as room decorations or decorations on the dining table. If you want to look different, you can hang a lot of lanterns in the trees if your wedding is held in the park. You can also hang lanterns on windows, stairs, walls and entrances.

5) Light bulbs

Rustic wedding is usually applied in an open space so you can put a row of beautiful light bulbs. If you use a yellow bulb, the wedding will be more romantic.

6) Photo booth

The nuanced wooden photo booth will attract the attention of guests at your wedding. Add lights, romantic quotes, and beautiful white flower ornaments. Increasingly makes the atmosphere more romantic.

7) A bouquet of dried flowers

Wedding bouquet is one of the important things at a reception. If usually the flower chosen is a beautiful flower like a rose. In the concept of rustic wedding you can use wild flowers. For example, fragrant dried lavender or hortensia with various colors.

8) Crumb Coat Cakes

Confused choosing a cake for your wedding party? Crumb coat can be an option when you choose a rustic wedding theme. This cake has an unfinished appearance like it’s not finished coated with icing. To make it look more attractive, add fresh flowers or fruit on it.

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