fun rustic kitchen design ideas

Fun Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas

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The rustic kitchen design gives a different atmosphere and warmth to the entire kitchen space.

WEBVISIT – Having a pleasant and comfortable kitchen will certainly be a pride for you, especially for those of you who like to cook. There are many kitchen interior design styles that you can apply to your kitchen, such as the rustic design style that has a natural impression.

Rustic has the meaning of old or rusty. Rustic interior design is a concept that comes with its rugged and unresolved characteristics, such as unfinished wall designs, furniture that looks rough, and dim lighting. This one design style prioritizes something that is natural.

The rustic kitchen design gives a very distinctive traditional look. Comes with an arrangement of elements of unfinished decorations that appear the original beauty of each ornament. The traditional atmosphere that is rarely found makes the rustic-style kitchen has a very unique design in this modern era.

1) Wall section

The first step to start designing a rustic kitchen is to design a wall section. To get a distinctive rustic feel, you can use natural stone as a rustic-style kitchen wall material. The use of bricks and natural stone as a wall is able to give a warm rustic impression.

You can also use wood as a rustic design option. Use wood as walls and floors. Or you can use wood elements for the entire kitchen area, from small ornaments to the interior construction of your kitchen.

2) Furniture

Furthermore, the choice of furniture gives a distinctive rustic impression. You can combine furniture made of wood and iron to get a natural impression with industrial accents.

Wood you can use for cabinets and dish racks. As for the iron, you can use it as a sweetener for the equipment. Let all the furniture have a natural texture so that it displays a distinctive touch of wood and a thick rustic impression.

To complete alignment, you can adjust the furniture to the shape of cutlery and cooking utensils. Give a touch of color and certain motifs so that your furniture looks rusty and old, in harmony with the rustic concept.

3) Lighting

The warm light that shines dim and warm is the right lighting scheme for a rustic style kitchen. Lighting like this will create a warm kitchen atmosphere and in accordance with the appearance of a rustic interior style.

Place a warm light crystal in the middle of the room as the main light. Also add a small lamp on the wall of the same color to beautify the look of your rustic kitchen. As lighting as well as decorative elements, you can also use light sources from candles, petromacs, kerosene lamps to torches.

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