country living room ideas

Country Living Room Ideas

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WEBVISIT – Decorating the interior of a living room with a different style will bring its own uniqueness, especially if you have not updated the interior design for a long time. If most of the interior decoration trends that are developing now are minimalist and contemporary. Try to be brave by applying other interior design ideas, such as country interior design.

No matter how big the dimensions of your room, there is no harm in applying country-style living room decor. Country design themes are able to present a warm and familiar impression, making anyone who is here will feel comfortable and at ease. However, sometimes we are confused in adapting country style, remember a lot of types of country styles such as French country, American country, and British country.

However, at least of all types of country styles have the same basic components or elements. So before deciding on your country style design and applying it to the living room, identify a few points below.

1) Gathering area

One of the most common elements presented in country-style interior design is the gathering area in a room. Usually, in that area, there is a point that becomes focal and this area will form a circle or half circle so that everyone can gather and chat there. As for what is usually the focal point in this gathering area is the television or fireplace.

Then around this focal point will be placed in a comfortable sitting area, like a sofa arranged in a circle or half circle. This area is the most comfortable area in the room. On the side or in front of the sofa will be placed a small coffee table as a place to put snacks and drinks.

2) Warm atmosphere in the room

Considering that most of these country designs originate from Europe, this country design will automatically follow European geographical conditions that are synonymous with cold impressions, no wonder the country design is warmly displayed. This is for the sake of creating the right room conditions to gather at a time when temperatures are cold.

Warm colors that can be presented such as yellow, brown, and orange. If you want softer colors, you can try pastel colors. However, you must be careful in applying these pastel colors, because it will make the appearance of your living room will be biased towards the European-style classical style.

To make the room look more alive, try to create an ‘contrast’ impression by combining warm colors with blue as an accent. The blue color is used to emphasize the dominant color in the living room so that warm nuances can be created more real.

3) Presents soft nuances in the room

Country style guest room makes comfort a priority. So that the living room is as comfortable as possible by presenting something that can give the impression of comfort, for example a sofa pillow or throw blanket and place it on each sofa. To make your sofa more comfortable, you can cover the back or arms of the sofa with delicate materials such as handmade afghans, chenille throws or lap quilt. In addition to giving the impression of comfort, these materials also strengthen the impression of the country itself.

4) Add details that are identical to the countryside

In order to make the country look more real, you can add details that are close to the countryside, for example by presenting antique furniture, new sofas painted with certain techniques to produce an antique impression. In addition, you can bring traditional household furniture that is rarely found in the market, such as tableware or drinking from clay such as jugs.

Make the equipment part of your interior decoration by placing it in the corner of the room. Or, you can choose a mirror with frames made of iron and old carvings. This type of mirror is rarely found in modern times. Finally, add wall hangings that further strengthen the warm and comfortable feel of a country style.

5) Serve traditional food as a complement

If you are already committed to decorating the living room in a country style, it will be more appropriate if you serve traditional food such as snacks or market snacks, especially to entertain visiting guests. This is so they can feel the traditional feel of a country style.

Finally, serve complementary drinks in a unique and traditionally shaped glass.

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