modern living room design ideas

Modern Living Room Design Ideas

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WEBvisit – Besides the beauty of the exterior, another thing that will affect a good first impression based on the living room of your house, the first room you enter can give you an image of your home and character. Therefore, try the living room design concept carefully thought out. For an excellent and amazing first effect, you may design the living room in numerous styles.

Here we will discuss some modern living room design style

Modern Farmhouse Living room

The warm color element is the key based on this one design style. The use of wood materials using a combination of other furniture that is the latest right. For sofas, you can use materials made of soft cloth using a neutral color. As a sweetener, you can also add wood & flora in the room.

Minimalist Monochrome

If you occupy a minimalist concept, the glamorous living room as shown by WEBvisit is combined in harmony using the concept. If applied properly, the minimalist concept is able to give an elegant feel to the room of your home.

Minimalist elements in this glamorous living room are presented in gray monochrome colors on furniture, wall paint, to curtains. One other plus point that gives the impression of glamor is the use of carpets and tables that have a metal element.

Shabby Chic Style

For those of you who like to dress the house, maybe you are already familiar with the term shabby chic. What exactly is the concept of shabby chic? shabby chic is an interior design concept that displays an old-style but has a warm antique feel. This concept has the impression of cozy, feminine, vintage in the selection of furniture and decoration. Distinctive features of this concept are the pastel hue, vintage furniture, flower motifs, and the choice of fabric material which is usually dominated by cotton & linen.

Chic shabby style can also be applied to the luxurious living room. Choose modern furniture made according to wood and pastel-colored cushions, place some vintage-style room decorations (including the curtain motif), then finish!

Make sure you wear hyperbole wall decorations. The current impression that is too strong can also be suppressed in modern-style desk & chair sets

Modern Classics

If you like the impression of a classic but do not want to show it to the fullest, you can apply the modern-classical style. You can use the classic style to be applied to door frames and ceiling trim. The latest blend in your glamorous living room can be obtained from the selection of sofas & tables that use uncomplicated designs or without details. If the room is spacious, you can add elegant chandeliers to add to the impression of glamor.


If you like ethnic elements, show your passion in the living room. Bohemian impression can be obtained from furniture using ethnic elements and bright colors. You can also put a display cabinet for foreign souvenirs to maximize this impression. Also make sure your wall decor has a harmonious bohemian concept.

Natural Living Room

To get a natural look in the living room, you can choose natural materials. One of the natural materials that you can choose is wood. You can choose decorations and furniture using wood materials. You can also use brown and green to strengthen the natural impression, both on walls, floors or in the selection of furniture and decoration. If the position of the room allows, the design of an open living room that is connected using a garden or outdoor space can strengthen the natural concept that is carried.

Contemporary Living Room

The concept at this time did not use a lot of hue and pattern games. You can specify solid colors in your living room. Even if you don’t use a blush, your living room design will be permanently attractive, with unique furniture and decorations that you can put on the wall as an accent.

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