kitchen ideas for small spaces

Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

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WEBvisit – Having a narrow kitchen makes you have to be smart to manage it and work around it in various ways. Here are some elements that need to be considered in planning a small kitchen design so that it feels more spacious and comfortable for daily cooking activities.

How to design a minimalist kitchen so that it feels spacious and what are the things you have to do ?, here are the tips from WEBvisit:

Bright Wall Colors and Kitchen Sets

The color of a room will affect the atmosphere, including the kitchen. A narrow kitchen is recommended to use bright colors, especially white because it will make the room feel more spacious. Conversely, the dark color will make the kitchen feel more crowded.

Also keep in mind, you should not use too many colors for a narrow kitchen. Even so, that does not mean the kitchen can only have one color. Combining two of your favorite bright colors will make the kitchen more lively.

Kitchen table with lots of storage

Due to limited space, you must maximize the bottom of the kitchen table to store various appliances, which can be a cupboard, drawers, or shelves. Store items in groups according to their functions. Storing in a closed room will make the kitchen look neat and more spacious.

High Top Cabinet

Another way to maximize storage space is to make a high top cabinet, even if necessary to the ceiling. Cabinets should be equipped with partitions of different sizes, according to the size of the kitchen equipment you have. Store equipment that is rarely used at the very top.

Right lighting

Making a narrow kitchen feel spacious can also be done by using the right lighting. Lights with yellow light are recommended for use with headlights. Choose a simple newfangled chandelier with a large enough power to illuminate the entire room.

If you use the top cabinet, it helps you also install lights on the kitchen table. The trick, attach the lamp holder at the bottom of the upper cabinet. In this way, all cooking activities, whether preparing food, cooking or washing dishes can be done comfortably.

Hidden table

Another trick to get around the narrow kitchen is to create a kitchen table design that has a hidden table. This hidden table can be pulled out to increase the area to cut or mix food ingredients. When not in use, the table is pushed back under the kitchen table.

A hidden table can also be made with a folding system. If the additional area needed is not much, this table is only partially withdrawn. When a wider area is needed, folds can be opened, then connected to the hook under the kitchen table so that the extra table becomes longer.

Rack Inserts

If there is a small gap between the kitchen set and the refrigerator, for example, use it to store the insert shelf. This small rack can be used to store herbs, small containers, or plates and bowls. With wheeled legs, this rack can be pulled and pushed easily.

Storage Room Around the Window

The presence of windows in the kitchen is very important for lighting and air circulation but reduces storage space. If the cabinet is not enough to store equipment, use space on the right, left, and top of the window to make a shelf or storage cabinet.

Furnishings Appropriate Kitchen Size

Having large kitchen furniture makes cooking easy, but it will make the narrow kitchen feel more crowded. So, adjust the size of kitchen equipment, especially the stove, sink, refrigerator, oven/microwave with a room area.

Also pay attention to the priority needs. If you need a large refrigerator, choose a small sink and a two-burner stove. Arrange it as efficiently as possible so that there is room to prepare food. Oven or microwave should be hung to save space.

Hangers for Cooking Equipment

For those of you who don’t want a kitchen full of cabinets, hanging cooking utensils on the wall is very effective in keeping the kitchen tidy. In addition, hanging equipment can also be taken easily so that cooking activities become faster.

Shelves Behind the Door

The concept of a shelf behind a door on a refrigerator can be adopted to design a kitchen cabinet. This method is very appropriate to get around the narrow kitchen space. Shelves attached behind cabinet doors can be used to store small items, such as spice bottles.

Space under the sink

Don’t leave the space under the sink empty. This small space can also be very useful, for example to store items related to cleanliness, such as dish soap, sponges, trash cans, floor cleaning fluid, washcloths, and so on.

In addition to choosing the right narrow kitchen design so that it feels more spacious, no less important is maintaining the cleanliness and cleanliness of the kitchen. Even though the space is limited, a neat and clean kitchen will make you comfortable while on the move in this room.