8 amazing kitchen bar ideas

8 Amazing Kitchen Bar Ideas

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WEBVISIT – Pay attention to the kitchen decoration which forgets the bar. Most of us like to make separate bar closets and just prevent it. But why make a separate cupboard for your simplest drinks to take to the living room while the guest is finished?

Instead, you can make a bar section for your kitchen and enjoy a drink with your guests at the same time as you cook dinner for an appetizer. And no, now you don’t need room to load the bar in your kitchen, all you have to do is guess and be creative.

To get you inspired, WEBvisit has prepared a list of eight kitchen trunks that can really be copied.

1). Separate bar with plaster work

This is an amazing concept while you already have a kitchen ready and you are considering adding a bar table. With plaster painting, you can without problems add a table through the corner and then add a chair.

And you can also use this as a breakfast table in the morning.

2). Classic and ready

These kitchen designers have done an extraordinary process by maintaining the entire vintage and countryside with this bar. One look at it and you will experience it like being transported to a British bar in the eighties.

The use of sun color is different from smart wood and looks clean to the eye. This bar is large enough to hold all the liquors and mixers of your choice.

3). Modern and minimalist

If vintage is not your clothes, then you can use a contemporary layout like this. In the kitchen here, all the latest factors have been used properly, from marble floors to elegant bar stools.

If you already have a large kitchen island like this, then all you have to do is add a suitable barstool and that’s it. You can upload a visible liquor cabinet or place a mystery that no one can steal your stuff.

4). LED lighting under the table

What is a higher way to have an amazing dinner than using sparkly LED lighting? If you already have a table installation, you can add LED lighting fixtures at the bottom, but the best way to display it is to set it up from the inside.

There are LED fixtures to be found on the market, or you can ask your interior decorator to design something like this.

5). Simple and discrete

This two-step bar in the kitchen keeps the problem simple and separate at the same time. If you are someone who likes to prepare cocktails occasionally, then you should definitely move to the same layout.

In this way, you can make cocktails at a drop table even when visitors feel their liquid at a higher table.

6). Take it out

If grilling and grilling is your weekend love then why not set up a bar table outside the door, near your grill. So, you can taste cold beer with your friends even as you bake delicious food.

Because these tables are outside, you can maintain vintage decor with factors such as stone, wood and brick.

7). Fusion fashion

Add traditional and current factors to your kitchen cum bar and you yourself become the winner.

For example, in the kitchen here you will find tiles that are inspired by the Mediterranean, at the same time as the cabinet and counter top today. LED light strips have also been brought.

8). A seat that can be removed and adjusted

If you easily use a bar stool if you have guests above, then why do you usually keep it there? Choose a bar chair that can be removed and adjusted, so you easily have to take it out when you need it.