farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas

Farmhouse Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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WEBVISIT – Although the farmhouse room design looks more suitable for a rural home, it doesn’t hurt if you live in an urban area to implement it. Farmhouse room design that offers tranquility and warmth.

1) Farmhouse Room Roof Design

Do not leave the space on the roof of your room, you can use it by applying a farmhouse room design.

One of the characteristics of a farmhouse room design is the use of soft colors, so you can combine the whiteness of the walls with wood furniture and furniture. Conversely, so that the farmhouse room design is not pale, use pastel-colored bed linen and curtains or floral motifs. Don’t be afraid to make a wide window, because the color combination in this farmhouse room design will be very beautiful in the sun.

2) Carpet as an Attractive Accent

If you are not likely to replace many items or are afraid of making the room more crowded, use a farmhouse room design with a classic patterned carpet. Next, just combine the white walls with pastel sheets and blankets such as light green, gray, or light blue. You can add wall hangings such as sketches or carvings to enhance your room design.

3) Warm Farmhouse Room Design

Farmhouse-style room design is aimed at bringing back the rural atmosphere that is warm, peaceful and comfortable. Don’t stick to white as the main color of the room design, you can also choose other soft colors like yellow or light blue.

To strengthen the antique impression on the room design, use furniture made from wood. Rattan chairs and tables with a slim shape can also beautify your room without making it cramped. You can use floral or geometric motifs on the bed cover, adjust the colors with the walls for a more shady atmosphere.

4) Wooden Bench

Besides being unique and giving a classic impression, it also does not make the room design more crowded. You can also adjust the colors and motifs with the room design.

5) Wide Window

Proper lighting is the key to making a narrow room appear more spacious. Wide window above the bed other than as ventilation also makes the center of the room appear wider. Sunlight entering through the window will illuminate the entire room. To evoke the style of a farmhouse in the room design, use a bamboo basket as a storage area.

6) Multifunctional Side Bed Table

Bed side tables are not always useful for storing light sleepers or other small objects, but are also suitable for work desks. Even though it’s small, at least a Bed side table can help you do light work or notes.

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