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Interior Decorating Theme

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WEBvisit – There are various decoration themes ranging from formal to informal and all of them are in between. Which best describes your decoration style?

Traditional Formal

Furniture and design from the Renaissance, Baroque, Early Georgian, Late and Late, Greek Awakening, and Victorian times. This style is demonstrated by fine furnishings, elegant, beautiful and beautiful wall coverings, intricate prints, formal window treatments and Oriental rugs.

Traditional Informal

The same era as above but this style has a better furniture version. There are more touching elements, simpler colors, and some urban archeology without restoration is common. This style is comfortable and inviting.

American Country

This style holds furniture from the 17th century until now, all simple with the appearance of handicraft works. Two versions are popular today: The Upper-Class country with the use of elements that are more tactile, comfortable, and very close to the Traditional Informal but with a clear country theme in all furniture; and the Rural Country, which features recycled quality. Wallcoverings and window treatments set the theme and the furniture has a newfound market feel.


This style is exhibited in classic Rococo, Neoclassic, or Empire furniture. Wallcoverings including floral, ticking, toile, and moirés motifs depend on the level of formality.

Arts & Crafts

This simple style is also known as Early Modern or Modern Organic. This era focuses on hard and stained wooden furniture with straight and simple lines.

Modern International

This is a display of ultra simplicity, hard lines, and smooth surfaces that contrast with abstract patterns and unusual textures.
Living environment

The designs in this theme contain very subtle colors, textures and earth patterns.

Romantic Victoria

This style is still the theme of choice for rooms with many patterns that display the English garden motif in beautiful colors. Both the fabric and wall coverings can be patterned, and messy decorations – especially with accessories – are part of this look.

Ethnic and Primitive

This masculine approach has many faces from Africa to Southwest America, from cottage-looking to the South Sea. Heavy or tactile texture coupled with charming patterns due to their lack of sophistication fits here.

Fabric themes and wall coverings

This is the best way to decorate – by choosing a good cloth or wall covering that inherently displays the theme. Some examples include sea and beach, sports, outdoor recreation, kitchens or domestic elements, teen elements, feminine floral themes, exotic designs from distant lands, and more.