smart farmhouse laundry room storage organization ideas

Smart Farmhouse Laundry Room Storage Organization Ideas

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WEBvisit – The laundry room is usually located at the back of the house because it is a wet and sometimes messy area. This space is used for washing clothes and ironing clothes. Naturally, if a lot of clothes scattered around here that makes the scene uncomfortable. If you feel ‘overwhelmed’ with the laundry room that is getting messier, it looks like you need some simple tips below that can be your problem solver.

1). Make a cabinet in the laundry room

Just like the kitchen room that has a cabinet, you can also make a laundry room in one special area. Make a single line cabinet that is capable of storing washing machines, shelves, clothes hangers, even tables for clothes ironing. A practical way to make your laundry room more simple in one area. Not only that but guaranteed you also learn to tidy up the laundry room with a lot of rack-shaped storage area.

2). Make a clothes hanger

Often when you put your clothes in the basket, you or even a family member at home just let it be away. Especially if some clothes are seen hanging out of the basket. This makes clothes look messy in the laundry area at home. Therefore, address this by providing additional clothes hangers. You can put a hidden hanger behind the door so as not to spoil the view.

3). Decoration of the storage area

If you have provided a storage area in the laundry room, there’s nothing wrong with adding decoration on this shelf. No need for excessive decoration. You can choose a wire basket as a storage area, and place it on each shelf. With the same shape of the wire basket, the display of the shelves is much better, isn’t it? In addition to wire baskets, there are other options in the form of rattan baskets. Depending on your taste.

4). Place the soap bottle in the same area

To make it easier for you to use laundry soap, you should place various types of laundry soap in one area. Place it in the most accessible area, for example near a washing machine. To be even neater, place the washing soap in one container. You can also make this washing soap bottle more decorative, by replacing all the washing soap bottles so that it looks more uniform. Do not forget, give the writing on each bottle so it is not confusing.

5). Make a drying rack that can be folded

Is your laundry space limited? There are smart solutions to work around this. You can make a small clothesline rack that can be folded so it’s easy to store. This clothesline rack can be used for drying clothes of small sizes, such as underwear or clothes of the baby. Make sure the clothesline shelf is near the window so that it gets direct lighting from the sun.

6). Choose a closed cabinet

To make a cabinet in the laundry room, it helps you choose a concept closed with a door. Laundry room has the possibility of more mess than other areas, for that you can cover it by making the cabinet closed so it is more presentable. You can put all the necessities in the closed rack. However, if you really love neatness, there’s no harm in choosing a rack without a door to make the laundry room look more spacious.

7). Take advantage of the wall area

The next storage idea is to use the wall area. In this section, you can hang various necessities that cannot be stored in the cupboard because it is full. Nail the wall and hang your iron table with the help of PVC pipes or similarly strong materials. Not only that, but you can also make metal baskets to store laundry soap equipment and the like.