beautiful shabby chic kitchen design ideas

Beautiful Shabby Chic Kitchen Design Ideas

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WEBvisit – The kitchen is often considered a “female” area in a dwelling. So not infrequently, kitchen designs are made with a feminine design. The shabby chic design style is a design style that developed in the 1980s which combines vintage and rustic design styles that are able to produce a feminine look but still elegant in the room. Well, not only in the living room or room, but the shabby chic design is also suitable for application in the kitchen.

Although the kitchen is often considered a dirty area, the application of an attractive and beautiful design will make your activities in the kitchen even more comfortable. Want to know how to apply shabby chic kitchen designs? Check out the tips.

Use a Color Palette

One of the advantages and excitement in applying the shabby chic design is the composition of a very wide color palette. You are not limited to using various color choices in one room. Just apply colors that are your favorite, such as pastel colors, earthy tone colors to monochrome colors can also be an option for a shabby chic style kitchen. Don’t be afraid to combine several colors in one room. As long as it still looks harmonious and beautiful, there are no restrictions that require you to only use one color in the kitchen.

Present Pattern

It’s incomplete to create a shabby chic room design without the presence of a pattern. Apply the pattern to the kitchen to give a more lively and lively impression. You can add a touch of pattern on the floor, wallpaper, or tableware. In addition, you can also use curtains, chair covers, or cloth with a pattern that suits your liking.

Use Antique Furniture

Shabby chic is a distinctive design in the use or selection of antique or vintage furniture. Well, you can also use shapes and models of old-themed furniture for cabinets, tables, or other furniture. One of the easiest ways to show the impression of shabby chic is to choose furniture made from wood with a touch of paint that is left slightly peeling.

Select Open Storage

Don’t be afraid of falling apart, open cabinets are often the choice for storage in a chic shabby design. The concept of open storage is able to make the kitchen look artsier, you know. Especially if you have several tableware with a unique pattern. This can add a vintage or shabby chic to the kitchen. Open cabinets can also organize and store cooking utensils or other kitchen utensils more neatly and make it easier for you to find them.

Provide Maximum Lighting

The number of elements that exist in the shabby chic kitchen makes it must always be in a bright state to avoid the impression of stuffy or tired. For that, make sure the natural lighting that is presented is maximal. Don’t forget to add some artificial lighting or adequate lighting so the kitchen can stay bright when there is no sunlight.

Complete with Accessories

Add the finishing touches to your chic shabby kitchen with some sweet room accessories. Use accessories that tend to look feminine or vintage. You are also free to be creative in adding the desired accessories according to your criteria. At present, there are also many choices of vintage accessories that you can find.

However, do not use too many accessories. Its use is too excessive can also make the kitchen seem crowded or too crowded. Just use it as needed.

Maximize Creativity

In designing a shabby chic kitchen you are free to create and pour your creativity to the fullest. Do not hesitate to design outside the bounds by using colors or creative decorations that are not commonly found in kitchens. That way, the kitchen can look more beautiful with its uniqueness.

Want to juggle your kitchen with an Instagram-able shabby chic design? It’s not difficult, just by following a few tips you can get a kitchen with an elegant and feminine concept from a shabby chic design. Come on, realize your dream kitchen!

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