indoor microgreens ideas

Indoor Microgreens Ideas

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WEBvisit – Farming becomes easier by applying the concept of microgreen. This is because this concept does not require a container that is too large because the root growth is not too much. Thus, you can freely do it in the house. In addition, plants from this method can be eaten directly. Examples can be added in salads, sandwiches, or stir-fried dishes.

What are microgreens?

According to experts, the concept of farming is intended for vegetables and herbs that are harvested at a young age. The harvest time is more or less when the plant has a height of about 2.5 centimeters. So that within 2 to 3 weeks you can reap the results.

Type of plant

Some popular types of vegetables to be grown using this method are wheatgrass, buckwheat, kohlrabi, mustard, and cabbage. As for spices, for example, are basil and mint. In fact, this concept is able to produce plant life with high vitamin and mineral content. So that even if you consume small amounts, it can still achieve adequate nutritional content.

Not only that, but flowers like sunflowers can also be developed with this concept first. So, while the seed has grown as high as about one index finger, it could be harvested for replanting.

The right farming environment

Ideally, microgreens are done indoors. But it must be in a room with good air circulation because this is an essential factor in microgreen growth and development. Not only that but also avoid locations that are exposed to direct sunlight. This plant needs to get at least four hours of light a day.

Plant Media

For seeds of big flowers along with sunflowers, hydroton is a more suitable planting medium. However, if you use small seeds, Rockwool and pit moss are a more appropriate choice.

Planting Method

The following are the steps you can take when applying microgreen to a container plant.

  • Choose a container that has a minimum height of 5 centimeters with a width according to what you like.
  • Use a planter with enough holes at the bottom to facilitate air circulation
  • Clean the container clean before putting the plant media.
  • Select the plant media according to the wishes of the seeds to be used.
  • Spread the seeds. There isn’t any perfect distance, as long as this seed series does no longer coincide.
  • Cover the plant container.
  • After 5 to 7 days, remove the lid of the container and place the microgreen is a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.


Use a small water spray tool to water the plants, especially in the roots. This you can do at least three times a day in order to continue to maintain the condition of the plant medium remains moist.


The best second to harvest microgreens is while the leaves are completely grown. After that, simply reduce the plant immediately above the surface of the soil. After harvesting, you can replant the seeds with the concept of microgreen with the identical plant medium.

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