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Bohemian Style Decor

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WEBVISIT – In recent years, Bohemian style decorating trends are popular. Bohemian appearance that gives the impression of chic, stylish, and fun and is also called the Gypsy style. For home decoration, Bohemian often presents a ‘photogenic’ look. The combination of style, fabric texture, and Bohemian style home accessories, makes this house look unique and special.

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1). Bohemian living room style

Bohemian style is a unique interior style that you can apply to the living room. Bohemian which looks a lot of motifs and colors, will become your favorite style. Especially for those who like a unique style.

Colors & Motifs of Bohemian Living Room Sofas

Use unique colors on the sofa to get a different look. Complete the sofa with tribal patterned fabric. If you still want a chair or sofa that has a plain color according to the original, just add a sofa pillow and pillowcase that has a motif. You can also present a unique patterned table plaque in the living room to complement the pillowcase motif.

Bohemian Living Room Furniture

To get a distinctive bohemian style, use furniture that looks vintage, because using vintege furniture will add a unique impression to your living room.

Bohemian Living Room Accessories

As a finishing touch, make your living room more beautiful with accessories. There are many choices of accessories that you can bring to the bohemian style living room, such as carpets and colorful fabric motifs.

2). Bohemian Bedroom style

Bohemian Bedroom Carpet

Decorate the bedroom floor using a carpet with a motif. You can also use geometric patterned rugs. If your room has plain walls, you can freely use a variety of motifs and colors for your carpet. Choose a carpet with a combination of three colors.

Bohemian Pillows and Bed Cover

Use pillowcases and bed covers with unique abstract geometric patterns. And for the mattress area, you can be very random and irregular. Play with patterns, patterns, and colors for your pillow cover or bed cover.

Accessories, Curtains and Plants

Bohemian style bedrooms are usually equipped with curtains on the bed. If you don’t want to put a curtain as a mosquito net on the bed, you can put it on a door or window. In addition to these two parts, you can also put it on the bathroom divider.

Bohemian is also very closely related to nature. You can bring plants in pots in several corners of the room. In addition to beautifying the interior of the room, plants give a natural impression into the room.

3). Bohemian Kitchen Style

Bohemian themed kitchens Usually use a patina element with wooden floors. With a neat collection, and do not forget also plants. if you want to decorate a bohemian style kitchen, try adding potted plants to your kitchen to get a comfortable impression, and that will make your kitchen feel fresh and make you feel at home in the kitchen.

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