elegant white paint color

Elegant white paint color

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WEBvisit – The popularity of white is almost unmatched by any other color. You can find white wall paint colors everywhere, used by many people as the main representation of their dwellings. Before even deciding to use another color, it might be white that first comes to mind when you plan to change the accent of the home wall.

Meanwhile, some people still think white is so boring. You may agree, you may not. But one thing is certain, the color combination error will cause the impression of monotony, and this does not only apply to white. Therefore, the color combination of the wall and interior paint must be treated proportionally. Especially for white, here are examples of applications in all corners of the room.

Family room

After going through various challenges outside the home, gathering with all family members is the most effective stress medicine. The family room should be able to create warmth as well as flexibility. Because this is where the center of more residential activity occurs. Communication takes place in a higher and more intense frequency here.

And sure enough, white is the color choice for your living room wall. The warmth you are looking for, is clearly visible through the use of white, coupled with the selection of matching colored furniture to strengthen the theme. Soft color tones display maturity, elegance and dignity.


Switch to a room full of privacy, the bedroom. White walls in the bedroom provide its own tranquility and joy. The most classic color choices are still more likely to interest you. Especially when looking for warmth and a special room where you feel freer.

White again gives the effect of an infinite dimension. Just a little different touches on the interior, bedcovers, or other room furniture, the basic color of white wall paint on the walls of the room will further highlight these items.


A clean and comfortable appearance should be the main theme of a kitchen and dining room. White walls, complete with a combination of cabinets and kitchen sets that are also white will display the impression strongly. Although it seems classic, the flexibility of the white color will still not be displaced by other colors.


One more room that requires more attention to sterilization. The bathroom is even a room for self-sterilization. As per the bathroom in general, the cool white wall paint color. White also represents purity, purity, and emptiness.

But how to make a white-walled bathroom not so cold? Of course by giving more warmth to this room full of privacy. You can easily add a warm atmosphere through the use of wood material. The brighter the color, the warmer the impression that appears. Especially if you put it in a larger portion. Contemplating and cleaning in the bathroom has never been so warm.

Although the concept of popular housing continues to develop over time, the white color is not just abandoned. This color is still widely used in various types of contemporary themed dwellings. In the type of Mediterranean house for example, the use of white color eliminates the impression of stiffness, while strengthening the minimalist effect you want to display.

White has long dominated classical architecture. Colonial, Tudor, or Italian-style houses often use white variations with soft, antique, snow, or ivory tones. White walls display a minimalist impression, implying simplicity behind the splendor seen in classic dwellings.

Still, think that white is monotonous? If that’s your opinion, know that the right choice of interior colors will change that view.

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