small apartment kitchen ideas

Small Apartment Kitchen Ideas

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WEBvisit – The size of the increasingly smaller occupancy makes every room to be limited, not least in the kitchen. Therefore, residents also need to work around this properly. Especially for those of you who live in apartments that are more narrow in size.

But actually, do not need a large space to make your kitchen more comfortable to the eye. Even if it’s small in size, if you design and arrange it properly, a beautiful kitchen can be realized. In fact, even in very limited land, you can make a kitchen that has a multifunction.

Well, for those of you who are confused about how to design your little kitchen, here WEBvisit gives some inspiration.

L shape

The kitchen with L layout can also be used to design a small kitchen, as long as you don’t get it wrong in the color selection.


U-shaped kitchens generally have the potential to maximize a small space and prioritize various storage shelves and work sections ranging from cooking to cutting groceries.

Small kitchen without hanging cabinet

Kitchen cabinets that hang on the wall can indeed enhance the appearance of your kitchen. However, its size is large enough to take up a lot of space so that it will make your kitchen look more crowded.


If you are confused about what kitchen concept to use, combine minimalist and classic concepts like this kitchen. To add a classic impression, the kitchen table is made of polished wood and coated with transparent paint to make it look shiny. Meanwhile, table legs are given a slight accent in the form of curves to strengthen the classic impression.

In addition to some kitchen examples above, there are things you must prepare to design your kitchen:

1). Start with planning

Space function planning is important for any size space. A beautiful kitchen with a strange layout won’t work. Make sure the dishwasher, refrigerator and stove are easily accessible and that there is enough cooking area so that it is easy to use. Pay attention to the wardrobe arrangement to ensure the storage of items that you use every day.

Browse the kitchen room to determine the layout that is most appropriate for you. Every aspect of the layout, starting from the floor to the cupboard.

2). Choose a color palette and follow

From the start, choose the color you want and apply it. Introducing too many colors in a small space seems inappropriate. You can choose the natural color of wood with white and gray elements. Then you can add black and brass from kitchen utensils. Maintaining this scheme will make the room feel more spacious than it really is. Whatever color you choose, consistency is very important in a small kitchen.

3). Storage area

The storage area is very important. But too many cabinets can feel heavy and the room seems closed, so you can add one or two elements that divide it. Usually this is obtained by installing several open shelves. If you don’t like open shelves, the alternative is to use glass doors in some of your cabinets. This small change will have a big impact. Your kitchen will feel open.

4). Lighting in a small kitchen

It’s important to make sure the lighting is good enough. However you try to make a small kitchen look big, poor lighting will always cause the room to feel small.

5). Accessories with functions

When the available space is very limited, it does not really matter to put accessories that have no function on the table. Keep everything simple by avoiding anything that isn’t needed all the time such as blenders, mixers, or toasters. Conditions that are not cluttered make the room feel open.

Choose accessories that are beautiful and functional, to make it easier and add personality. You can use beautiful containers to store cooking utensils, antique jars for sugar and tea containers.

Just because your room is small, doesn’t mean your ambitions must be small either. Pay attention to every detail, from the kitchen to the window, and to each item to add style to the cooking area. Each element will help make the room feel bigger.