retro interior paint color

Retro interior paint color

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WEBvisit – An interior style that old seems again in demand lately. One of them is a retro style. If we flashback, the new retro-style began to enliven the interior world in the 1960s to the early 1990s. However, the development of retro design itself has actually been growing since the early 1900s. One of the elements of the retro style that is back on trend is its unique and different colors. Retro color has a characteristic color that is not too bright or flashy and even tends to fade. I wonder what color hits again and is widely used in residential interiors? Here is the list.

Dusty Pink

This color belongs to one of the pink shades, which has a calm and soft impression. Therefore, when this color is applied to the room it will not make the interior look too girly or tacky. With the right mix, the color of dusty pink can make the room seem comfortable and look sweet.

Dusty pink is suitable to be applied to various rooms in the house, such as bedroom, living room, bathroom, or even kitchen. If you do not want to apply it as the main color, you can also add a touch of dusty pink to the room decoration to give the impression of sweet and soft.

Harvest Gold

Harvest gold is a color that is included in the yellow shade that had hits in the 1970s. This color can give a luxurious and bright impression on the interior of the room. This color will be very suitable for use in bathrooms to give the impression of an elegant and luxurious. In addition, this color is also suitable to be applied in various rooms on the wall or accent of the room, such as curtains, pillowcases, and so on.


Yes, blue is included in one of the retro colors that began to re-hit and is often used in the interior. Blue has the impression of elegance, luxury, and firmness when applied to the concept of home. Although it seems dark, you can mix blue with neutral or other bright colors to balance the home decor. For example, the use of dark blue kitchen sets combined with white kitchen walls.

Kelly Green

Green is usually very identical to the colors that describe nature and its ability to give the impression of a natural and cool residential. The green color is identical to the colors of plants and fresh plants. Well, for those of you who want to make a thick room with a soothing impression and can relax, the green color is the right choice. This color can give a relaxed impression on the mind and eyes of the beholder. Green can also be applied to various elements and rooms in the house. One of the shades of green that once again hits the retro interior design is Kelly Green.

Retro colors often explore the use of bright and striking colors. Initially, the color most often used as the mint color which was more prominent than neutral colors such as earthy tones.

In the modern era like now, retro-style interiors are also more daring to use striking colors. Colors such as red, purple, or yellow combined with natural colors become the basic color of modern retro designs. Not only on the walls, but this color can also be applied to the ceiling, walls, or the color of the furniture.

In addition to the color play, the application of motifs is another characteristic of retro-style interior design. The motifs that are usually used are also relatively simple. Basic shapes that are often used include geometric shapes such as squares, circles, triangles, and several other geometric shapes. Dotted patterns or dots are also one of the patterns that appear quite frequently in retro designs. In a retro design, the motif used has a repetitive or repetitive rhythm but remains orderly.

Very interesting right? Applying a retro design with bright retro colors can make the room look more cheerful, you know. To add inspiration, you can also reopen retro style references from ancient times that you can re-apply to residences.

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