bedroom lighting ideas

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

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WEBvisit – The atmosphere of a comfortable bedroom is usually influenced by many elements. For example, such as the color selection that will be applied to the interior of the bedroom, the theme applied to the room, also the lighting factor in the room. So it is definitely set lighting for the bedroom, including important points that must be considered

In addition to general lighting that functions to illuminate the bedroom as a whole, did you know that there are many types of lighting with different functions? Some forms of task lighting may be needed to support activities in the bedroom, such as decorative lights as accents forming the atmosphere of space. Choose lights with yellow or warm white light to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

when adjusting the lighting for the bedroom to feel comfortable and in accordance with needs, there are several things which of course must be considered. So even though it seems trivial, the lighting settings in the bedroom should be chosen appropriately. Then, what should be considered in arranging the right lighting for the bedroom?

Room Height and Spacious

The height and area of the room do almost always affect other aspects that will be applied in the room. For example, the type of furniture to be selected and its size. Well, likewise in the selection of types of lights for lighting in your bedroom, friend. Given the area and height of the room affects the light that will be needed. So to get the right lighting, you should choose the type of lamp that suits the area and height of the room.

Lamp Position

Focus the position or location of lighting in certain areas according to your needs. For example, so that the atmosphere of learning or working in the room feels more comfortable, then you should prioritize the position of a light in that area. Pay attention to the light that is scattered so that the eyes are more comfortable when studying or working.

Then, in addition to the 2 important points above that you should pay attention to, what lights should you install to make your bedroom comfortable:

1). General lighting

Because it functions to illuminate the room as a whole, general lighting is usually placed on the ceiling so that the light is evenly distributed throughout the room. This type of lighting can be hanging or recessed lamps and the color used is usually white so the lighting is clearer.

2). Adjustable lamp

The type of lighting needed for special activities such as reading, changing clothes, or dressing up. Therefore use brighter light with high color rendering like halogens, so that the lighting is clearer and more focused. This type of lighting is usually located on the bedside table and dresser.

3). Accent lighting

To illuminate artwork like a painting, you can use accent lighting in the form of spotlight or downlight. Use halogen lights to display colors more perfectly. Besides functioning to illuminate an object, accent lighting is also useful as forming the atmosphere. Choose neon lights like blue or pink then hide under the bed or behind the headboard of the bed. You can also install multiple light points with lower light intensity on the ceiling. the light creates a beautiful dramatic impression, especially when the main lights are turned off.

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