very small living room ideas

Very Small Living Room Ideas

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WEBvisit – You would agree if the living room is one of the most important parts of a place to live. Not only related to its function as a room to receive guests but also this room is the first area that we access every time we enter a place to stay. Then how about if you only have a small living room? Don’t worry, WEBvisit has some neat design suggestions for those of you who have hopes of decorating a small living room!

Install a mirror to give a broad impression

The concept of mounting a mirror is one way to give a broad impression to the room, this trick is not something new. However, from this concept it is suitable for you who have a mini living room.

If you can, choose a wall facing using the window in your living room, this is done so that the mirror can reflect the natural light from outside. Alternatively, you can also experiment with the lighting and arrangement of furniture in your living room.

Avoid buying a sofa that is too big

Although it tends to reach too much space, the existence of a sofa in the living room has become mandatory. For those of you who have a mini living room, avoid buying a sofa that is too big. To receive a minimalist impression, you can choose a sofa with 2 or 3 seats only. You can mix the sofa chairs using a small coffee table, both made of glass or wood.

Pastel and neutral colors are the most ideal colors for a small living room

The choice of paint colors for the mini living room is very influential. According to WEBvisit observations, a mini living room is suitable when using colors such as white, beige, and gray in a small living room because it can create the impression of a room that is spacious. You should adjust the curtains in the small living room with the paint color you choose.

Add indoor plants

The presence of plants in a small living room will certainly beautify the room. WEBvisit advice, choose green plants whose survival is not too dependent on the sun. This is so you will not bother to bring the plant outside every day. In addition to the type, you should also pay attention to the right size and suitable for placement in your mini living room.

Maximize natural light

To create the impression of a spacious room, natural lighting is a crucial consideration. In addition to the selection of neutral or pastel paint, large window sizes can also form a broad impact on a mini living room. You can adjust the design of the window using furniture in the living room, such as a sofa, tv rack, or living room table. The use of large ventilation is also very useful to save electricity because your mini living room will not be too dependent on lights in the morning or even in the afternoon.

Pay attention to where the furniture

In matters of structuring shelter, every detail becomes very meaningful. Improper furniture arrangement will make your living room smaller and smaller. WEBvisit advice, do not put your furniture into the area near the window because it will block the incoming light.

Install a plain carpet to make a broad impression

Installation of carpet in a small living room can get around the space feels more spacious. To optimize the room to feel relieved but still warm, plain carpet is the right choice for you. But remember, do not try to coat all the mini living room using a carpet. Because excessive installation can reduce the beauty of space.

Well, after listening to tips & tricks according to WEBvisit about decorating the mini living room, are you interested in starting to ‘makeover’ your room?

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