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Exterior Paint Color Trends You Can Inspire

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WEBvisit – Many ways you can do to make the house look beautiful and elegant. However, keep in mind that this is not just about choosing furniture and paint for the interior. You also need to pay attention to the exterior so that other people or guests feel “invited” to enter your home. That is why the selection of outdoor wall paint is very important. Not to be confused, here are recommendations for elegant outdoor wall paint colors for you to consider.

Light gray

Have you ever seen suburban houses? Although the design and structure of the building may be different, the themes that are carried are usually uniform. Generally, suburban houses are dominated by bright colors to paint the outer walls.

If you get bored with white, you can use a light gray to color the elegant exterior walls of the house. Then, adjust the color of the roof with the color of the walls. For example, if the color of the wall paint is gray, you can use dark gray to paint the roof. This combination will create an elegant contrast color combination.

White, ivory, and turquoise

For those who have homes with symmetrical shapes on both sides, this combination can be an elegant choice of outdoor wall paint colors. The white color will give a bright and elegant impression. Meanwhile, a touch of ivory color provides a nostalgic side without reducing the bright impression. Finally, you can paint the door in turquoise to give its own accent. This simple thing will make your home look more stand out.

The combination of white and brick red

Until now, white is still the star for matters of elegant outdoor wall paint colors. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this. However, so that the exterior appearance of your home looks more “alive” and not boring, just mix it with colors that are not too dark.

One of the best choices is brick-red paint. You can still paint the outside walls of the house white. Then, for doors and window sills, paint with brick red color. That way, your home will not appear pale or monotonous.

Peach color for a bright impression

Generally, peach color paint is widely used for indoors. However, did you know that peach was actually quite popular in the 1980s as an elegant and bright outdoor wall paint? Well, it never hurts to “revive” the peach color on the exterior of your home. If you don’t want to look monotonous, you can combine it with white, light gray, to green.

Navy and White

Although currently, the trend of modern minimalist homes is popular, vintage homes are also still in demand today. So, for those who like vintage style houses and are confused about the color of the elegant exterior wall paint, the combination of white and navy blue is very worth considering.

Make navy blue the dominant base color, then add white for doors, window sills, or pillars to create aesthetic contrast. If you are quite adventurous, this color combination can also be added with other colors such as green forest and orange rustic.

Those are some recommendations for elegant outdoor wall paint colors for you. Whatever color you choose to paint the outside walls of the house, make sure you buy paint with good quality so it can last. You can get it easily online.

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