beautiful patios and outdoor spaces

Beautiful Patios and Outdoor Spaces

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WEBvisit – When it comes to creating a beautiful home, it’s not just what’s inside that counts, and outside your space has the same role to achieve that sense of luxury. From plants and flowers to beautiful water features, there are many ways to add a touch of elegance, and a well-maintained lawn and well-trimmed hedgerows will create the first impression you want.

Although, it’s about laying the right foundation first, and often, which starts with installing a porch or paved area to make room for dining, entertaining and socializing with guests, while also creating an interesting center of attention for your garden.

When planning your patio area, you may have in mind a square or rectangular box, all the same size, and color. But while paved space is designed to be functional, it certainly doesn’t have to be boring, and experimenting with various colors, textures, and laying patterns can create interesting and stylish spaces that add something to the garden rather than fade into the background.

Add to it some colorful pebbles, planting, and subtle lighting to create a space that feels alive and blends the boundary between indoor and outdoor, and you will have a garden of statements that adds an atmosphere of luxury to your home, right from the start at a glance.

Not sure where to start? We sat down with the experts at Bristol Driveway Services to find some simple ways to create outdoor space to be proud of.

Shape and size

When choosing your patio floor plate, don’t fall into the assumption that you have to choose all the same shapes and sizes. Putting it together a bit and combining a variety of different tiles can create a unique look that you won’t find in other people’s parks, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Instead of a square terrace, consider creating a circular or semicircular space, which can work well when accented with the center like a pagoda or a water feature. This is also well complemented by informal planting and lush borders – a departure from uniform floral arrangements and more organized tile houses.

Try adding a few stone squares to make a square paved area with curved details, or use it in one or more corners to join a paved circular area to the straight edge of a wall or road. Tessellating offset diamond plates can also work well, combining three different colors to create stunning visual effects.


Today, paving slabs come in a variety of textures that can add interest to even the simplest outdoor spaces. The fine and glossy porcelain sheets offer a sleek and sophisticated finish that is perfect for creating a luxuriously manicured impression, while the natural stone effect can work well with ancient properties and rougher garden spaces.

Simple slate is great for a more earthy look that will make other features speak, giving a simple but chosen accent with a high taste that will make your green garden shine.

Unique effect

Looking for something a little different? The paving floor effect of Scandinavian style plans can be used to re-create the look of an old floor or decking, while the stone carpet can create a rough stone surface that flows old-world charm.

Carpet stones can be placed easily, in large slabs containing many stones at once – many in the same way as you put a larger set of paving slabs. Nat in neutral colors to create a more authentic look.

Board effect plates are available in a variety of colors and finishes and are a more durable and low maintenance option compared to rear decking.

Turn on

Want to take advantage of your newly laid terrace? Outdoor lighting is a great way to show it off in all its glory after sunset. For a truly stylish effect, try adding integrated lighting to your garden design – post lights are an effective way to achieve this and will add subtle light and atmosphere – creating a far better atmosphere for outside entertainment than more overhead lights hard.

If you want to keep your energy consumption to a minimum, then choose to use solar-powered peg lights. They are just as effective and a greener way to create the look you want.

When designing luxury gardens, don’t ignore the basics – creatively designed and well-designed terraces can increase your outdoor space in just a few hours and are the perfect foundation for an impressive park to be proud of.

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