trending bedroom colors

Trending Bedroom Colors

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WEBvisit Color has an influence on psychology. It affects one’s mood and emotions and can be a form of non-verbal communication that can talk about exclusive messages. In fact, there is something called using colorology, which is a type of visual communication that uses hue as a method of healing.

Each color has a different energy. The impact causes, on a person’s psychology also varies.

According to Carl Jung, a renowned Swiss psychologist, color is vital to psychotherapy. He said that each color is a symbol of a condition. Now, we can easily find various interpretations of color in many fields. Starting from health, graphic design, photography, to interior design.

In interior design, color is one of the most important elements. Interior paint colors can build a certain impression & atmosphere. Therefore, color selection cannot be done arbitrarily. Mistakes in deciding color choices can lead to an uncomfortable atmosphere. This applies to every room in the interior.

As a room whose main function is to rest, the bedroom must be designed as comfortable as possible. And to get that composure, the choice of paint colors plays quite a big role. The choice of a soothing color is the best decision to produce the room has a maximum level of calm. Let’s look at what color choices are trending bedroom colors. The following are:

Trending bedroom colors: White

White is a color that symbolizes purity and cleanliness. This color is believed to provide calm, relieve stress, and refresh the mind. In fact, a white-painted room is considered to be ideal for women who are pregnant. Because of its neutral nature, white is very easy to be combined with other colors. In addition, white walls can make the bedroom look more detailed & radiant.

However, if you feel the white color is too ‘cold’, you can combine it with other colors, or try to give it an accent.

Trending bedroom colors: Blue

Blue is said to be the most ‘relaxed’ color. In interior design, blue is not uncommon for rooms that need a peaceful & comfortable atmosphere. According to feng shui, blue hue can reduce anxiety and reduce blood pressure. Therefore, blue is the best choice if you want comfort in the bedroom.

Trending bedroom colors: Gray

Many people believe that gray tones are cold & dark. An assumption that is not wrong. But actually, the color gray can bring comfort and cool the mind. Gray is a color that has a broad, stable, and reassuring impression.

The tips; mix using decorative elements that have blue or white elements. Because if not, the gray color that is too dominating will cause an atmosphere that is too cold. And to avoid the impression of dullness in the room, choose a pearl gray hue that has a softer character.

Trending bedroom colors: Green

Have you ever felt more calm and calm when you were in the yard? Yes, right. The calm comes from the more dominant green tinge emission. Green can make someone very excited, peaceful, and feel visually refreshed. Harmonious impression can also be raised by the green color. Therefore, this color is very suitable to be the main color scheme in your bedroom.

Trending bedroom colors: Pink

Bedrooms using dusty pink colored walls are believed to reduce the risk of stress and depression. During this time, the color pink is always synonymous with everything girly. In fact, this color can also have a calming and peaceful effect on the room. In fact, based on feng shui, pink is believed to be able to control the energy in the room, as a result, can build a calming atmosphere.

For the bedroom itself, use pink using a calm character such as dusty pink. Besides looking beautiful, bedrooms with dusty pink-colored walls are believed to be able to reduce the risk of stress and depression.

Trending bedroom colors: Purple

Color that symbolizes luxury and romance is able to bring balance and inner peace. You can choose a variety of purple shades for the interior of your bedroom. Like lilac that you can use as an alternative if you don’t want a purple color that is too bold. Or a softer purple color like lavender, which also can produce a bedroom that has a soft, calm, and comfortable feel.

Well, those are some recommendations for a relaxing bedroom paint that you can try. What is your favorite color?

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