gray paint living room

Gray Paint Living Room

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WEBvisit – The color selection is an important element in interior design because it can create a soothing, calming, and inspiring atmosphere for its inhabitants.

Well, the living room is the first room that is memorable for guests and relatives who come. For that, adjusting the theme of the room with the color of the living room is something that must be considered. Then, is gray boring? Think again. Odilon redon, a painter from FRANCE once said that gray is the soul of all colors. So, gray can be the right choice for the color of your living room.

There are various shades of gray, from soft pale dove and soft stone to striking dark steel and striking French gray. Basically, a paler gray color like silver will look beautiful if applied with natural ingredients and a soft texture.

Gray can also be included in the concept of traditional homes, minimalist homes, and modern homes. In addition to creating a casual and elegant impression, psychologically the gray color gives the impression of peace to the occupants of the house.

Gray also remains in the color category that is easy to mix with other colors to create a different atmosphere. Using gray for the color of the living room is a smart solution for creating an elegant and calm interior appearance.

The following are examples of images from WEBvisit that you can use as inspiration:

Gray living room design tips:

  • To present a feminine atmosphere, choose a light gray color. For a strong impression, use dark gray.
  • wall color choices don’t be too dark, because it will make the room feel cramped. choose a bright gray color with a matte or semi-gloss pattern, depending on your space concept.
  • Try to make the lighting spread throughout the room so that the gray color scheme you are using does not look dull. Make sure to give more than a normal light source.
  • to add a natural impression, bring the glass to the window or door so that natural light enters your house and accentuates elegant gray colors in the design of your living room.

That’s all tips from WEBvisit, and hopefully, this is useful for you.

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