gorgeous living room designs ideas to try

Gorgeous Living Room Designs Ideas To Try

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WEBvisit – The term guest as king is common. Certainly, as a king, you need to provide comfort if he comes to your residence. For this reason, the space that will be approached first in your residence is the living room or its function is often likened to the family room. The comfort you offer in the design of the living room will certainly be one of the determinants of your family time or your time together.

In bringing the atmosphere together, the choice of the interior design of your living room or family is one that you need to consider. Here are some living room design ideas that can be used as inspiration for you:

1). Vintage design

The design of this one living room is like bringing old memories to your new home. Certainly, it doesn’t hurt if you want to bring classic interiors into your home. To bring this classic feel, you need to bring back the classic items that you have as decoration in your living room.

This design presents a warm and homey impression for you and your family. Surely with this design, your quality time will be very pleasant even to the point of forgetting because there may be many memories or stories of the past discussed.

2). Open Space Design

The effective way is that you only need to prepare a carpet and seat cushion or bean bag variations as an alternative to a sofa or chair. This design provides the concept of unlimited comfort because you can freely communicate with family/guests with a relaxed atmosphere. Plus if you have a small living room, the concept of open space will give you a broad and comfortable appearance.

3). Industrial Design

The cozy industrial design concept can also be the right choice to bring comfort to your home. The firm style of this industrial-style interior design can be seen from the brick wall. The choice of industrial colors, which are dominated by gray and brown brick, reinforces the nuances of old industries or factories.

4). Modern Classical Design

This one design is certainly still widely applied to modern homes today. A luxurious sofa with bright colors is the typical color of this design. Carved brown table and lighting bring a classic feel that is quite elegant in your living room.

5). Shabby Chic Design

This design presents a soft and feminine atmosphere, using a choice of furniture that looks old and shows signs of usage as well as feminine interior accessories. The dominant color choices that are often used are colors that tend to pale. The furniture used in the Shabby Chic style is mostly furniture that looks outdated. You can also get the impression of obsolescence or shabby from new furniture by sanding your furniture. Although furniture and colors that are often used look worn out, the warmth and comfort you can still provide for your family.

6). Contemporary Design

This design is a design that represents the present. Basically, this design is dominated by sleek lines and contrast. Lighting techniques are also focused on wall accents.

7). Rustic Design

Identical to the touch of natural stone and wood elements as well as the dominance of the brown color which tends to bring out warm shades. This element can be seen from brick walls that are not direct, exposed ceilings, and wooden furniture. The natural and rural atmosphere that often arises from this design can support the warmth of your time with family.

8). Scandinavian Design

This design is a modern artistic design and gives an artistic impression to your living room. The use of monochrome colors in designs is an attractive and artistic characteristic. This design provides a focus on lighting that is brighter than sunlight. Scandinavian dеѕіgn refers tо the uѕе of nаturаl mаtеrіаlѕ, раlе соlоrѕ, and minimalist ѕhареѕ іn ореn interiors.

Those are some designs that can be your choice in decorating your living room or family. Do not forget to adjust also to the concept of your residential design, not to the contrary with the overall design of your room. It doesn’t hurt either if you want to be creative by trying to mix existing designs, who knows the design you created will give a new idea.

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