boho bedrooms youll never want to leave

Boho Bedrooms You’ll Never Want To Leave

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WEBvisit – This rich, varied, and striking color combination is well-liked by some people and is often used as inspiration to organize the house, including the bedroom. However, not everyone knows the right way to organize or decorate a bohemian style bedroom.

For people who like something simple or minimalist, the bohemian style is still suitable because it doesn’t require a lot of furniture to arrange the room according to the bohemian style. Here are some tips to help organize a minimalist bedroom but still unique and comfortable in a bohemian style.

Exposing a bedroom with a variety of typical Bohemian accessories

Bohemian style is identical with various unique accessories that accompany it, such as necklaces, bracelets, scarves, and earrings. To arrange a bohemian style bedroom, place these accessories in special places, or hang on the wall. Choose the design of this accessory that is not only unique but also reflects the character of the owner of the room.

Although identical to a variety of accessories, it does not mean these accessories can be hung or placed as much as possible. Before buying, sort, and choose unique and reflect the character of the owner of the room so that the bedroom becomes a pleasant and comfortable place to do various activities.

Select ethnic wallpaper

Wallpaper becomes one of the important elements to arrange a bohemian style bedroom because the selection of colors and suitable wallpaper motifs will strengthen the feel of a bohemian style in the bedroom.

Generally, wallpapers for bohemian styles are patterned with flowers or ethnicity with a variety of color choices, but still, the selection of wallpapers especially motifs and patterns are adjusted to the character of the owner of the room so that the room design remains comfortable.

Add plants

Plant elements will make the bedroom look fresher and cooler, and for this bohemian style bedroom design plant elements will be complementary. Put one or two pots of living plants such as cactus, orchids, or other types of ornamental plants, preferably small so that the bedroom still looks minimalist and relieved despite taking the theme of the famous bohemian style rich in bright colors and a variety of accessories.

But if you happen to not really like living plants, you can consider choosing artificial ornamental plants so that the details of the bohemian style remain visible.

Add various works of art

Artworks, whether in the form of paintings, posters, sculptures, or photographs, are actually important elements that reflect and even strengthen the bohemian style of the bedroom.

The touch of this artwork will make the bedroom atmosphere more colorful and avoid the monotonous impression which of course gives more inspiration if the room owner studies or works. The combination of bright colors and rows of artwork certainly makes the bedroom atmosphere more comfortable to take a break from daily routine.

Give a touch of motives

Generally, this bohemian style bedroom design touch is widely adopted by women, hence the touch of motifs and textures that seem feminine is a detail that should not be forgotten, such as lace, braids, embroidery, knitting, and tassel with bright colors in some parts.

While the application of motifs or textures that seem feminine itself can be applied through bed linen, bedcovers, curtains, carpets, table cloths, small pillows, and other accessories to compliment a woman’s bedroom.

Select furniture that displays an ethnic impression

Furniture or furniture is also an important element that supports a touch of bohemian style in the bedroom. Simple and minimalist impression can still be seen despite choosing a bohemian style for the bedroom because it does not need to include a lot of furniture, just a bed, a wooden table, chairs, or some other trinkets like a bedroom.

But also add unique lamps that seem antique, and mirrors with ethnic patterns to strengthen the touch of bohemian style in the bedroom. Avoid including a lot of furniture in a minimalist bedroom, because the bohemian style is not located on the type of furniture chosen, although the choice of vintage style furniture can strengthen the bohemian feel. However, the bohemian style in the bedroom design is more emphasized on the various accessories that adorn the bedroom.

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