girls bedroom ideas

Girls Bedroom Ideas

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The girls certainly have their own taste for his favorite bedroom. As inspiration, here are girls bedroom interior designs with super cute themes.

1) princess bedroom

One easy way to present princess-style interiors is to add a canopy bed with a mosquito net. Choose the typical colors of girls like pink or light purple for bed nets. Matching color choices for walls and complementary furnishings in the room will beautify.

2) Frozen Theme Room

Young girls immediately hunt for trinkets with the theme of the movie Frozen. This Frozen movie-themed bedroom is sure to be loved by Frozen fans. Frozen themed trinkets ranging from bed covers, cabinets, and wall hangings make this room super cute!

3) Flower theme

Pink and flowers are still a favorite choice for girls’ bedroom interiors. Shades of flowers added to one wall and also to the room curtains. Some flower pots are placed in several corners to bring a cool atmosphere in the room. Shades of soft pink color combined with a strong red color that makes the bedroom brighter and uplifting.

4) White girl’s bedroom

Girls’ bedrooms are usually a place to hang out with their friends. For this reason, the inspiration for this girl’s bedroom is added a sofa as a place to sit around relaxing and chatting with friends, while the bed is made hanging. Different from other girl’s bedrooms, dominated by white with pink ornaments. The interior of the room will look even cuter with the ceiling painted with blue and white cloud motifs.

5) Music theme

Chalkboard decoration with paintings made with white chalk streaks has become a trend nowadays. Many teenagers have applied it. Especially for girls who like music, chalkboard decorations can be used to decorate one side of the wall of the room with writing and painting musical instruments. The decor of the blackboard can be combined with a matching bed cover and black and white carpet.

6) Soft nuances

Girls who are growing up usually want a quieter bedroom interior. Soft colors are combined with ornaments in the form of hanging lamps and also decorative lights. The golden yellow light will bring a soft and warm feel.

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