cozy living room ideas

Cozy Living Room Ideas

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WEBvisit – The living room becomes a very important area to welcome guests who come to visit. Of course, a welcoming and comfortable design will be needed. A variety of displays and decorations will make the living room more colorful and varied. Here are some views of the living room with a variety of designs that make the room feel more comfortable.

1). Black and white

White color is very well applied in decorating one of the home spaces in the living room. In addition to showing the atmosphere of bright space, this decoration provides a clean look so that guests will be happy to be in it. In order not to be monotonous, of course, black accents also need to be shown on some furniture so that the room looks more diverse and also neat.

2). Geometric Pattern

Besides being comfortable, the living room must also be functional. The room with wooden floors is decorated with various gray furniture. One thing that stands out in this room is the geometric wallpaper on some of the walls. The wallpaper becomes an accent in the room and also gives a line of patterns in this fairly innocent room. View directly into the courtyard a plus for the living room.

3). Bohemian style

Bohemian design featuring unique and beautiful decoration in the room. The combination of colors with white furniture gives a prominent appearance to the bohemian colors. The coffee table has a pleasant Moroccan-style look and is also beautiful. Striped carpet also gives its own style in the room. Unique and attract attention.

4). Warm situation

The room with the use of wood floors and walls will certainly give the impression of warmth and comfort. The calming atmosphere is certainly a friendly welcome for visiting guests. A living room with a high ceiling will certainly provide good air circulation in it. The window in the wall of this room maximizes the natural light entering into it.

5). Decoration Collection

The living room can also be decorated with a collection of homeowners’ themes. As in the picture above, you can see the explorer theme in the presence of miniature ships and globes visible in the room. The color was made in harmony with this exploring theme so that it is not too contrasting and still looks sustainable.

6). Bright atmosphere

Although the living room is small, the right color and decoration will make the room comfortable. Like one of these living room designs. By giving a yellow color to the walls, incoming light illuminates every corner of the house. Not only because of the color alone, but the decoration also displays a unique style in the living room. The selected sofa and table furniture also have the right size and pleasing appearance.

7). Symmetrical

Although the room is not symmetrical, the arrangement of furniture in a symmetrical living room will give a neat impression. Guests who come will feel welcomed with a comfortable view of the interior space arrangement. The wide sofa used in the room fits perfectly with the coffee table. The distance between the furniture is not too narrow but also not too wide.

8). Midcentury

This stately sofa and chair design symbolize medieval design. Both the decorative table and chairs appear with a vintage style that makes the room feel casual. Turquoise and orange colors are very typical in the room. As for the formal chairs behind it, there is a wooden coffee table that provides contrast in space.

9). Cool and calm

The impression of space and cool space can be obtained by giving bright colors and simple furniture. This one living room gives the impression of a beach house because of the light blue and white on the walls and doors. Not only that, but the hammock also gives the impression of being relaxed so that this room feels not too formal for visiting guests.

10). Dramatic

The choice of colors throughout this space gives a dramatic impression. A variety of colors but darker featuring a room that feels luxurious. The focal point of the room is not just fixed on one thing but on the various decorations in the room. Comfortable and also warm, this room is suitable for families or hanging out with friends. Unique and unusual.

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