family photo wall ideas

Family Photo Wall Ideas

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WEBVISIT – Confused want to decorate family photos like, what to make it look more attractive and beautiful? Check out the interesting ideas below!

Family photos are usually placed on a shelf or cupboard. But, did you know that the frame you can also create so that it looks unique on the walls of your home.

With an exciting arrangement, guaranteed home walls will look different and very attractive.

1) Family photo in the hallway

Placing family photos on the wall of the house using a frame is very common. But the placement of these photos is usually only focused on the family room, living room, or bedroom only. If you want to look different from usual, place it in an aisle area that usually looks plain.

Choose the frame and the matching background so that the appearance has a theme.

2) Using a Frame

You can also use the mirror frame that has broken glass as an image sweetener accent on the wall of your house. The trick, repaint the frame with the color you like, stick a wide-sized ribbon on top, middle and bottom, then place your photo using clips on the ribbon.

Guaranteed, your family photos will look like new and more neat!

3) Clock Shaped Photos

Unusual and unique home wall decorations you can make using your family photos. Place the photos in a clock number pattern, then put a clock-shaped sticker in the center.

This way, your family photo will look different from the others, and it doesn’t look boring. You can also choose different frame colors so the atmosphere of the room looks more beautiful.

4) Large Collage

In addition to the stairs in the hallway, the wall of the house located in the entrance hall you can also decorate with photos of your family. Print photos that have been formed into collages with large size, then place them on a canvas-shaped frame.

You can also place this collage on the wall of the stairs or living room to make it more visible and can be used as a focal point of the house.

5) Wear Clothespin

You definitely know the type of polaroid photo right? You can use polaroid shaped family photos to enliven your house walls. Just use a small rope, attach it to the wall, then attach the photo using a decoration clip made of wood.

6) Alphabet Canvas

The idea of ​​decorating and installing photo frames in the next house is to use the alphabet canvas. Family photos are now printed in various shapes, one of which is the alphabet canvas frame.

Besides hanging on the wall of the house, decoration photos like this can also be placed standing on the table. For wall hanging options, make sure you use small nails so they don’t damage the canvas and the walls of your house.

7) Photo Tree

For the walls of your room, place family photos in a fun way and shape. For example, by using a tree-shaped wallsticker then on the branches stick the photos. That way, even children will get to know and feel close to the whole family.

You can also be more creative in utilizing the wallsticker by using the concept of family tree.

8) Full Wallpaper

Leave paint and wallpaper, use family photos with exciting moments to color the walls of your home. If it feels too crowded, just change the color of the photo to black and white. Installation of family photos like this is suitable as a one-wall wallpaper in the living room or bedroom, and models like this look more unique.

9) Floor-to-Ceiling

Want more extra display family photos at home? Follow this method! This family photo installation fills the entire wall from floor to ceiling.

Use monochrome colored frames like black and white so it doesn’t look crowded and crowded. For more artistic results, vary the frame size from small, medium, to large.

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