teenage loft bedroom designs

Teenage Loft Bedroom Designs

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WEBVISIT – The demands of life in urban communities have successfully given birth to a variety of alternative bedroom design. One trend that has emerged since the last few years is the design of loft bedroom. The design of this loft room prioritizes comfort and high functional. So even if you have a narrow room you don’t need to worry, because there are still many ways to overcome it, one example is by choosing a loft bed style.

For those of you who are looking for loft bedroom design ideas, WEBVISIT again presents design loft bed inspiration. With these various designs, you will get a comfortable and proud bed. Here’s an example of an loft bedroom design that can inspire you:

1). Scandinavian design style

The hallmark of Scandinavian style is the use of wooden floors. The wood used for floors tends to have a pale or dark color. While the use of Scandinavian wall colors are white, gray, blue and cream. Nowadays there are many developing the use of other neutral colors that are brighter. This aims to make the room feel more spacious, brighter, and provide a more comfortable atmosphere.

2). Bed with bookshelves

The design of this room is very simple, with wooden materials and shelves around the bed which makes it look simple but has more functions. This bed design style is perfect for those of you who have a small apartment, very simple without having to have a large room to design it.

3). Bed with home office

Beautiful design, super tiny but looks elegant. Having a Home Office makes it look very functional. This design is very suitable for small apartments because it does not require you to have a large room plus the Home Office that really makes it easy for you to move around or do your school work.

4). Simple bed

Simple design, looks slick and fun with the use of wood materials, ornamental plants, bookshelves, clothing shelves, makes you feel comfortable to linger here. Although it looks simple but has more functions.

Tips for you:

Color selection

If you have a small room, choose bright colors like white, crem, light yellow, or other bright colors. because it will make your room look more spacious.


For furniture, you want to use wood or iron because it is not too influential for your bedroom. Things you should consider when choosing furniture is multi-function furniture, why is it like that ?. Using furniture is very important for minimalist room decor.

Use of accessories

Adding accessories to the room is a natural thing to beautify the appearance, if you use excess accessories that will make your room look cramped. I recommend that if you want to add accessories to your room, use minimalist accessories but look elegant because it will add power to your room’s decor without narrowing the room.


Providing maximum lighting is very important, considering if you have a minimalist room, this is my recommendation. Use lights that you can put on the wall to save your space.

In addition to lighting the lamp, Maximize sunlight also comes into the room, for example by positioning the window.

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