small bathroom storage ideas

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

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WEBVISIT – Having a minimalist bathroom is a challenge for homeowners. How to arrange the toilet storage area to make it look neat and orderly ?.

Bathroom storage is an important part that must be considered. Not only functions to store toiletries, storage areas such as shelves will make the bathroom look attractive. There are many creative ways to store your toiletries and make your little bathroom more attractive.

Here are some creative bathroom storage ideas that you can easily do at home:

1) Around the bathtub and sink counter area

No need to be confused, you can use the bathroom wall to be used as a place to store toiletries and towels. Make an overdraft that looks prominent in the bathroom wall area. You can also make the sink table wider on the sides to make it easier to reach the toiletries. The design is practical and has an attractive aesthetic and makes it easy for you.

2) Maximize the area under the sink

Usually the space under the bathroom sink becomes an empty area. You can use it to pair a special shelf to store towels or other toiletries. Storage will make the bathroom look neat and not cluttered.

3) Ladder hangers

There is a more practical and decorative way to store your bathroom, by using a ladder made of wood. You can hang a towel. So, you don’t need to bother making hangers anymore.

4) Wall

Utilizing the wall area is a must to do for your minimalist bathroom, such as installing cabinets or drawers on the wall. Make the small cupboard above the sink so the bathroom looks comfortable with no messy items. This storage model is very simple and can hide various toiletries like spare towels and other toiletries.

5) Open shelf

For small bathrooms, use a hanging rack storage that seems “floating”. A very powerful idea to minimize the use of space to store various toiletries. Besides looking neat, the bathroom will seem natural with the use of wooden furniture.

6) Toilet area

You can also use the area above the toilet. Install storage in the form of a built-in rack. No need to be large, which is important enough to store toiletries such as toothbrushes, shampoo, soap and other equipment. The shelf model planted in the wall makes the bathroom look more attractive.

7) Elongated shelf

Why not just make a hanging rack? Using an elongated slim shelf, toiletries are neat and clean, and make it easier for you to look for them.

8) Hide behind the mirror

So as not to seem messy, hide toiletries behind a wall mirror. An efficient step while providing a broader view of the bathroom area. Place a shelf equipped with a mirror above the sink, so it makes it easier for you to reach it.

How, is there already the right inspiration for your bathroom storage? Or do you have other ideas?

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