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Interior Paint Colors

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The choice of the right interior color and the right combination can create a comfortable, calm atmosphere and can change your mood.

WEBVISIT – Choosing the color of house paint is one important consideration in conceptualizing the house. The color of the house paint really must be considered so that the concept of the house can be realized perfectly. Moreover, the design and concept of the house that you own will reflect the character of yourself as a homeowner.

Interior paint colors can create a more lively impression in a room. In addition, the color of house paint can also make the room look firmer. For example, a dark paint color will make the room seem narrower, while a bright color will make the room feel more spacious. Besides influencing the room, the color of the house paint also has a big effect on the mood of the homeowner. Well, here are interior paint colors that can make the atmosphere more lively.

1) Light blue

The blue color is very identical to natural things. For example, the sky, the color of blue house paint will make your house fresher because it can display a cool and peaceful impression.

This paint color is very suitable to be applied in the bedroom and family room. By choosing the color of this house paint, you will get a feeling of peace, comfort, and change your mood for the better. The coolness and freshness of the blue interior paint colors that you feel will have a big influence on the mood.

You can combine the color of this paint on the wall with a soft pastel yellow trim to make it look warm, complete with furniture and cayenne red doors. Design with a minimalist modern theme can use navy blue combined with red, pastel yellow, and turquoise with white trim accents.

The combination of blue wall paint color with white trim accents for the interior of the house gives the impression of soft and soothing. to get an elegant impression you can use navy blue combined with golden brown furniture on accent tables or chairs.

2) Light Yellow

For some people, the color of this house paint tends to be avoided because it seems dazzled and unattractive. If the color of the house’s paint is exposed to light, the room will look spacious and bright. If the walls are painted pale yellow, there is no harm in completing it with home decor with furniture in dark, dark brown, red, or lemon green.

Yellow has a cheerful and bright character. The color of this house paint is believed to increase the enthusiasm for thinking clearly, so the color of this one house paint is very suitable to be applied in the workroom and dining room. You can also combine the color of paint with red heart accent light brown, for example through the dining table. The color of this house paint can give the impression cheerful but still elegant.

3) green

The green color is very identical to trees or leaves. This color can highlight the impression of freshness and harmony so that the color of this house paint is very appropriate to be applied to the family room or children’s bedroom. You can also choose the color of pastel green paint because it can change your mood to be good.

Green paint that is synonymous with a calm impression can appear bolder if it is produced from a strong pattern. This color can also be applied in tight spaces.

4) red

Courageous and warm, that’s the impression that symbolizes red. Besides looking firm, the use of red in a room can give a warm impression and make the atmosphere more lively. This paint color is very suitable to be applied in the living room and kitchen.

This color exudes an aura full of energy. When using this paint color, you should put some white furniture like a table to make it look contrasted. You can also choose to use maroon. Apply the same color as the color of the paint on the furniture.

This color can give a more modern and colorful impression. The color of this paint can also be a subtle element when combined with other colors in the decoration, such as adding carpet to the floor.

Most people think red is too bright and bold. That’s why quite a lot of people avoid using this one color. There is one rule you need to pay attention to if you use red as the color of house paint: use it as the dominant color because red can invite stress and the house can feel hotter.

5) Gray

Want to create a classic or modern impression into the living room? The selection of gray paint will give the impression of classic and modern into every room. And as a complement, add brightly colored accessories and decorations. Thus the narrow living room will actually look wider.

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