small entryway table ideas

Small Entryway Table Ideas

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WEBVISIT – The entrance of the house is an important part of the house because the first thing that is seen when we or someone else is entering. You want your entrance to be a beautiful and friendly place for you and your guests. Adding an entrance table is the most effective way to make it look attractive.

But, what if you have limited space. is that possible you can do to decorate it? the answer is of course yes :), here is an example of an entryway that you can copy at home.

1) Farmhouse small entryway table

Smaller tables and drawers are a beautiful way to decorate the entryway. Keeping it simple with clean white walls makes the room feel bigger and friendlier. You can easily store keys and other small items in a drawer, this is perfect for small spaces.

2) Entryway Table With Baskets

I like the minimalist look of this entryway. A clean simple wooden table and large mold stand out and make the room feel bigger, plus a cute flower pot decoration, it makes it even more attractive.

3) Wood rustic entryway table

The fir wood were reclaimed as part of a strong statement for the entryway. This simple table shows a rich and unique character, a collection of small natural variations that give its own charm.

4) Entryway Gallery Wall

If you want to be more minimalistic and simple, add a flower vase and a lamp or one small jewel in the middle. This is a great way to maximize space and make it look bigger. This is a good choice if you are using a garage door.

5) Entryway Mirror

A small entryway table with a mirror and a vase filled with plants is a simple but amazing way to make your entrance more attractive. Very good for decoration and entryway needs. The mirror makes the entrance bigger and the simplest decoration complements the look of your entryway.

Like the previous entryway, this is a good choice if you mainly use a garage or mudroom entrance in your home.

Important point!

Flower decoration

Consider using fake flowers or plants with large sizes because it will narrow your home entryway.


In addition to adding decorations such as flowers, or other decoration items. It will be better if you don’t forget the function. Add special places for shoes, hats, gloves, coats, keys, and purses. This will help ensure these items remain outside your kitchen and living room where they tend to be lost or hard to find.

Last thought

The entryway is an important part of the house. This is the first and last impression that people have when they visit. Make your entrance welcome by bringing in and out, using the entrance desk, and making sure the room is well lit.

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